Snapchats - Charlie

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A/N: your his sister on this one😏


"AHHHHHH!!" Yelled Charlie, as he suddenly appeared at your bedroom door, scary the living hell out of you! He held his phone in his hand. "Say hi to snapchat Y/N!"

"Bloody hell Charlie that's not funny!" You yelled, kicking him with your foot.

Charlie stood there in peals of laughter. "It is funny!" He exclaimed.

"Get out me room Charlie!" You said, getting up and pushing him out the door.

"Alright, alright, alright! Keep your pants on!" He said.

You sighed and sat down on your bed again, trying to do homework.

All of a sudden, Charlie appeared at your door - yet again! But this time, he had turned the music on his phone up extremely loud, and was dancing madly in the middle of your room; whilst filming on snapchat.

"Charlie leave right now before I punch yow ass!" You laughed, trying to push him out the door again.

"Fight meh then sis!" He smirked, putting his phone down.

"Oh hell nooo!" You said.

"Scardy cat Y/N!" He said, making another video on snapchat. "Hey guys, Y/N is too scared to fight against me because she's knows she'll loose!"

You raised your eyebrow in amusement.

"Well, if that's what you want to do, fine," you said, rolling up your sleeves and grinning.

"Y/N I'll beat yow ass!" Said Charlie.

"We'll see..." You smirked, pouncing on him and trying to get him to the floor.

"Y/N stop, stop, stop!" He said, breathless, falling to the ground.

"Ha, I knew I'd win," you exclaimed. "You loser Charlie Lenehan!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Charlie grunted, pulling out his phone to go on snapchat, and recording something. "So, looks like I lost our little fight! Still team Charlie all da way!"

"Yeah right! He's jealous because he got beaten by a girl!" You smirked, crossing your arms. "Please leave now, bye!"

You shoved Charlie out the room once again. I didn't seem like he was gonna be coming in your room anytime soon......

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