Finally - Charlie

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A/N: I update too much😂 I wrote this a while ago, enjoy :) x


"FOR GOD SAKE Y/N," screamed Charlie, "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!"
"Why would you care?" You cried, "all you care about is yourself!"
It was true. Charlie had turned really stubborn recently. He never wanted to hang out, never texted you anymore, never sat with you at lunch. He pretended like you didn't exist.
"No. I won't," you replied sharply. "Not until you grow up and stop pretending like I don't exist!"
"What do you mean..?" He asked, his tone seemed to of lowered into a normal voice. "Don't act like you don't know," you said.
"But I don't know.."
"You damn right do Charlie Lenehan," you said coldly.
"Ugh, I've had enough of you," you spit, pushing past him and attempting to walk off.
You felt a hand on your shoulder, unallowing you to walk away from him.
Charlie took a deep breathe in and said:
"Maybe I don't want to hang around you because I'm scared..." You stared at him is confusion. "What do you mean?" He took another deep breathe.
"Maybe I don't want to seem a freak just because I like you..."
"Well duh, I like you," you laugh, "what's the problem with liking me?"
"Because I might like you more than just a friend...." He trailed off, looking at the ground awkwardly.
You were star struck. Your best friend just admitted they liked you....
"You know what Y/N, just forget I ever said anything," whispered Charlie, beginning to walk away.
You stopped him with a single arm. "I like you too..." You whispered.
Charlie looked up at you in disbelief. "R-really..?" He said.
"Um yeah..."
"Well in that case..." He slowly lent and kissed you.


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