TV - Leondre

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A/N: I did two Leo ones in a row I'm sorry🙈


"Give me the remote Y/N!" whined Leo, "This shows so boringg."
"But it's my favourite show and you know It," You pout. "Can't we do something else though?" He moaned again.
"Nope," you answered.
"No fair." Leo pouted as he crossed his arms and stared out the window.
It wasn't long before you heard Leo groaning again. "Y/N can we change it yettt?" He complained.
"Nope," you mimicked.
"Fine then," He smirked, "This means war." Leo launched himself at you, eager to get the remote but you easily held it out of his reach. "Give it Y/N!!!" He yelled. You burst out laughing, trying to hold the brown haired boy off you. Without warning he reached under you arms and started tickling you, he knew this was your weakness.
"L-Leo s-stopp!" You giggled.
"Give me the remote then," he said.
"N-never," you managed to say under all your giggles.
"Then I won't stop!" It wasn't long before you finally gave up. Leo hovered on top of you with a sly grin on his face. "Gotcha," he winked, and kissed you on the nose as slid the remote out you fingers. You rolled your eyes and sighed.
"Typical Leo," you murmur.
"I know you love me really Y/N," said Leo. "
Yeah yeah yeah," you mocked and laughed. "I love you really."

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