Tickle fights - Leondre

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"Come on Y/N, one more spoonful!" Said Leo, holding the Nutella in front of your face.
"No way! I think I'm gonna be sick if I eat anymore," you exclaimed. Leo pouted.
"Pweese pweese Y/N?" He said in a little kids voice.
"Nope!" You said, turning away from his face.
For a while Leo didn't say anything. You started to get suspicious. As you turned around you could see a cheeky grin on his face.
"Alright Leo, what do you want? And why are you making that weird face?" You laughed. He didn't move, just continued to stare at you.
"Oh god Leo, please STOP staring at me!"
"I enjoy staring at beautiful people you know," he grinned.
"Ew stop it!" You giggled, blushing slightly. "Now seriously, what do you want?"
"Oh nothing..." He said, smirking. You knew he was up to something. Suddenly, out of no where, he screamed 'TICKLE FIGHT!' And pounced at you, reaching under your armpits (where you were most ticklish.)
"Le-eo, s-sto-p it!" You squealed.
"Not until you have some more Nutella!" He said, as he continued to tickle you.
"N-neve-r!" You protest. You knew you had to think of something to distract him so you could run away from him.
"LEO LOOK ITS ARIANA GRANDE!" You screamed, pointing out the window.
"WHAT? WHERE, I DONT SEE HER!" He shouted, letting go of you and looking out the window. You decided to take this opportunity to escape from him.
"Lel just kidding!" You laughed, running out the room and upstairs to hide.
"IM GONNA KILL YOU Y/N!!" He shouted, running after you. You quickly hid in his cupboard, hoping that he wouldn't find you. You heard the faint sound of footsteps getting closer.
"He won't look in here," you thought. Just as you said that the door swung open and there stood Leo.
"Now your for it Y/N.." He smirked. You tried to escape past him, but he was too quick. He grabbed you by the waist and flung you onto the bed and started tickling you again.
"P-please sto-p it!!" You said, barely breathing. "I don't want to eat any Nutella but please stop!!"
"It's not the Nutella I'm annoyed about," he said. "It's Ariana Grande!"
"Awe come on, that was funny!" You laughed.
"Is not!" He pouted.
"It is! Now let me go!" You pout back.
"Fine!" He said, "buuuttt you have to say the password." You looked at him confused.
"And how am I meant to know that?"
"Guess," he said, still tickling you.
Your mind went blank until you blurted out:
"I love you." Leondre smiled.
"Hmm, close enough," he said, pecking you on the nose then releasing you. "I love you too Y/N! I couldn't ask for a better best friend."
"Awe Leo," you said, putting your arms out for a hug. He excepted it and pulled you in close. You could stay like that for a while.

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