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The first rays of the sun was what woke Natalie up that morning. It had been almost two weeks since her accident and nothing really had changed other than the fact that she was bored all the time. So since she woke up too early that day, she got up, she showered, she got dressed and decided that she was going to the hospital because staying away from the O.R. for that long was causing her to lose her mind, again. 

Natalie grabbed a small bag to put her wallet, keys and cellphone inside and walked out of her room. She passed by Amber's room and opened the door. "Amber get up, you'll be late for school." Amber was already awake and she was forcing herself to get dressed. Natalie took a good look at her, noticing that she didn't look okay. "Are you alright? Your eyes are all red and puffy, were you crying?"

"No, what would I be crying about?" Amber avoided the question. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get ready."

Natalie sighed and walked downstairs to prepare something to eat. Not that she needed to. Not when her mother was still in the house. Along with her sister and Liam. 

She was walking towards the kitchen when she heard loud voices. Her mother's and her sister's. She was familiar with their arguments her whole life. And she hated that it was happening again in her own house. Everyday for the last two weeks. And it was making Natalie crazy. But she tried to pretend that nothing was happening, just like they were doing. Until that morning. "Good morning."

Cara and Isabella quickly stopped talking and greeted Natalie with one voice. "Good morning."

"What are you fighting about?" Natalie asked casually and grabbed a cup to pour some coffee in. 

"What? We're not fighting." Her mother said. 

"We were just chatting... loudly and laughing." Isabella made up an excuse. "I was telling mom this story about this girl that ate too much kiwi to sleep better. But she was actually allergic."

"What's so funny about it?" Natalie leaned against the counter and looked at both of them.

"Nothing. Nothing's funny about it." Isabella's smile dropped and she guiltily looked at her sister. But Natalie had no clue what she was feeling guilty about. 

"It's just your sister is always taking everything as a joke." Cara said subtly. Natalie had definitely taken the snappy comebacks from her mother. 

"That's the only way I know to survive, do you have a problem with that?" Isabella snapped back.

"Okay, seriously, if you want to fight you can both go back to San Francisco because I am really not in a mood to fix whatever is wrong between you two again." But Natalie was not having any of it. Not that morning.

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