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George knew he was in trouble. It wasn't because he had done something wrong in his work or because he had had a fight with his family. It was because Iris hadn't left his mind ever since they had last seen each other when they went to the movies together and to make matters worse, now when he saw her in front of him he had the need to get even closer.

He didn't remember if her eyes had always seemed to sparkle so beautifully, ready to catch fire the moment she heard something she was passionate about. He couldn't quite recall if her hair always fell around her face that way, if her features had always been so sweet yet intimidating at the same time. He didn't know when he had started to see Iris this way but part of him believed he had never seen her any differently.

He thought there was a word for this, the instant attraction he had felt towards her. People said it was love at first sight but that would imply he had loved her looks, when George had adored her personality and her opinions and stayed. Perhaps a better word to describe what he felt for her would be the soulmate bond. There were times he thought she really could be his soulmate, if those were easy to find. And here the problem made itself known, because George didn't know whether she felt the same way he did.

Sometimes George thought there was no way she felt the same, when they were so much different and she was so brilliant, days when he felt small and incapable of doing much and being in her presence didn't make him feel any different than he usually did.

There was never a day he felt small in her presence though, never. George always basked in her presence no matter how he felt and she never put him down, always listened. George felt more like himself around her than he did around anyone else.

Even though there were some days George felt no difference around Iris, there were times when just standing beside her made him feel accomplished, like he could take on any task in the world and succeed. Even though he was no one special, she made him feel unique.

Today was one of those days. Iris had dropped by his apartment with the help of Hermione so they could spend a while around each other. She had taken it upon herself to bring some colour into his apartment it seemed—and his life, even though he hadn't quite admitted that to himself yet—and so she had brought over with her a bouquet of flowers as a gift, red, white and pink flowers now adorning a vase in the kitchen. Her light blue jacket had been left on a chair by the door.

Anything Iris owned, left around the house, brought colour to the dull furniture in various shades of brown even though they seemed a bit out of place. George actually loved seeing her things left all around even though he hadn't quite realized that himself yet.

The apartment had been filled with laughter ever since she stepped foot in it, wide smiles that left George dizzy when he looked for too long, shy touches that lingered on his skin long after Iris had moved her arm away. After a few hours, they had decided to take out a chessboard George owned and to start playing. Iris had been amazed by the moving pawns who kept on talking during the game. She had looked up at George as if he had done something groundbreaking and he had felt warm under her gaze, the kind of warmth that traveled all the way within and filled him from the inside out.

"You really don't know chess, do you?" he asked, aiming to tease. His jab was harmless and Iris knew it, only let out a small chuckle in return as she looked over at him. George attempted to not let himself be endeared at the sight of her. He failed.

"I've never played chess with pawns who suggest what I should do next. They are distracting me."

He laughed softly in return, and as Iris looked away, slightly bashful, he knew his gaze had warmed. Merlin, he was a fool.

He didn't quite recall when was the last time he had felt like this. No person before had managed to make him think of them at all times of the day, to imagine what it would be like if they saw something he did, he had never seen something that reminded him of another like that. Iris had well and truly taken over his thoughts and his mind and the worst part of this was that he had no wish to stop it from happening.

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