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Soft humming echoed in the room as the woman stood in front of the mirror, carefully painting her lips a vibrant shade of red that brought colour to her face. She was dressed in a white dress that just reached her knees, a discreet white ribbon tied around her middle, the deep neckline showing off more skin than she usually let others see in her daily life. Her hair was styled to the side and just above her eyelashes, she had painted a thin black line that ended in a subtle wing. She smiled to herself as she finished applying her lipstick, just as there was a knock on her door. The humming stopped.

"Hermione, you don't need to knock," she called out as the door opened, but it wasn't Hermione who appeared.

The man standing beside the door was tall, dressed in a pair of black pants and a black shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A few buttons of his shirt close to his neck were left unbuttoned and she couldn't help but smile as she met his gaze. George briefly looked over her as she placed the lipstick on the desk beside the mirror and turned to face him properly.

"Of all colours, you choose to wear black in a party?"

He smiled but it appeared rather distracted. "I didn't want to steal the attention off of you."

She let out a small laugh as she took a few steps forward, closer towards him. She thought he gulped. "As if you ever could."

"Yeah," he murmured, clearing his throat. "Hermione sent me a howler, you know."

"I know. She would have apparated to you but I stopped her."

"Thank you, Iris," he smiled briefly as he opened the door wide for her to pass. There were many things he wanted to say to her. That she looked extremely beautiful, stunning even. That he was thankful she let him use her home to organise this gathering. That she had been in his mind for most of the time they had been apart. He ended up saying none of those things. He only opened the door a bit wider and sent her a nod. "After you."

She chuckled as she left her room and he closed the door behind them. The moment she stepped out, she heard voices. She shot a questioning look at George, thinking the party hadn't started yet, and followed the noise to the living room. Hermione was there, dressed in a modest scarlet dress. Her boyfriend, Ron, her friend, Harry, and his girlfriend, Ginny, were there already. The chatter stopped as she entered with George behind her, and she sent them a smile as she came to a stop beside Hermione.

"I didn't hear you entering," she admitted as George came to a stop beside her.

"It happens to the best of us," Ginny grinned from her position beside Harry. "You look nice."

Iris smiled, "Thank you."

"George's friends are called Lee and Angelina," Harry spoke up as she turned to face him. "They're together. They should be here any moment now."

Iris nodded, "Are they going to apparate in the house?"

"No, they'll knock," George assured her.

"Right. How many things about me should I tell? Anything I should lie about?"

"Only about the house," Hermione assured her after sending a brief glare at George who smiled sheepishly in return.

"Do have fun if you can," Ron added with a small smile as he turned to George. "You too."

Iris frowned, confused as she briefly turned to face George but before she could ask for the reason Ron specifically told him to have fun, there was a knock on the door. George hurried to flee her scrutinise as he moved to the door to open it. The moment he did, a wide smile crossed his face and he opened his arms wide with a laugh. A woman she guessed was Angelina walked into his open arms with a wide smile to rival his own and as she pulled back, a man she guessed was Lee mirrored her moves briefly and clapped his back. Everyone rushed forward to greet them as George closed the door behind them and briefly, he caught Iris's eyes. He gestured to his friends and with a brief nod, she walked forward.

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