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The door had barely opened when Iris was engulfed in a hug, the arms around her squeezing her so tight they were borderline hurting her, although she paid no mind to her pain as she put her arms around the person in return and squeezed with all her might. Her grin was so wide it was taking over her face completely as she chuckled, swang herself from side to side.

"Priam, it's so good to see you."

Her brother pulled back, and Iris was faced with a grin that was identical to her own she had so missed. Her expression softened at once as she looked at her younger brother, yet before she could say a word, or move away from the door for that matter, her mother appeared and with a wide smile moved to her. Priam barely had the chance to move away before Iris was engulfed in yet another hug.

"Iris, it's been so long, my darling."

"Hi, mum," she murmured in return, squeezed her back with the same vigour. "I'm sorry I could not come, I-"

"I know you are busy, I get it," Rose assured her at once as she pulled back, her smile not lessening in the slightest. "Come in. I've cooked some chicken for you."

"You didn't have to," she called out as her mother was leaving, heading back to the kitchen. Iris took a moment to close the door behind her and leave her few possessions she had taken with her—some money and the phone she had to communicate with Priam mostly, although her mother's number along with Hermione's and now George's after her last purchase were saved in the device as well—on the small table by the door and then she tackled Priam into a hug.

"Get off of me," Priam protested as she rubbed her fist against his head, although he made no move to free himself, despite being taller and stronger than she was. Iris complied nevertheless with a smile.

"I've missed you. Work has been really hectic and when I have the day off like I do today I find myself wanting to stay at home or go somewhere close by, you know?"

"I know," he smiled back at her, "your apartment isn't all that close to ours. It's a shame mum and I haven't been to your apartment yet, though."

"That definitely needs to be arranged then," she agreed at once, her smile somewhat dimming as she realized what Priam was saying was true. "I forgot you haven't been to the house. Merlin, that was so inconsiderate of me."

"Merlin?" Priam quipped at once, nothing escaping his notice. Iris's eyes widened at once, the term having slipped from her lips without her realizing, all the time she spent in George's company rubbing off on her. Priam didn't seem all that confused about it, though. "What's that, some kind of deity people your age believe in this month?"

"No," she laughed, mind whirring to find a plausible excuse. "It slipped out. I read something about King Arthur and Merlin the other day, that must have been the reason."

Priam raised a brow at her. "Since when do you read this kind of thing?"

"There was nothing else available, I took it from Hermione," she shrugged, her gaze traveling to her mother that was setting the table. At the realization she was doing it on her own, she rushed forward to help her, leaving Priam behind. "Mum, let me-"

"Absolutely not, you sit down at your chair and make yourself comfortable," she waved her off at once. Iris had no choice but to do as she insisted when she sent her a look, and so, with a wide smile, Priam settled on the seat beside her own. Soon, food was served and they started eating. Iris was the first to break the silence.

"How has work been, mum?"

"Same old, same old," she shrugged, evidently not willing to talk about her job. "There is nothing thrilling about it. Perhaps I would be better off doomed to push a rock on the top of a hill for all eternity while it's destined for the rock to slip down before I complete my deed instead of talking about work." The siblings exchanged a look at the mention of the myth of Sisyphus but didn't say a word, already used to their mother's rambling. "Tell us about you, sweetheart."

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