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Iris didn't hear from George for a couple of days after the meeting with his friends. She asked Hermione about him but she didn't have an answer to her questions. Iris even sent him a letter by an owl, even though she doubted he would answer – she never really trusted the owls delivered the letters to the right person, if she were to be honest and she told herself that if they kept on talking, she would buy a phone for George so they could communicate through there. She forced herself to think nothing of the incident and go on with her life as per usual.

It was the weekend and she had been asked to have lunch with her family. Sitting at the table with her mother, Rose, and her brother, Priam, she finally realised how much she had missed them. It wasn't the same, not living with her family, and she missed her mother's constant comparing of life incidents with ancient Greek mythology myths and her brother's rambling about anything he loved.

She had been in the house for almost two hours, and in these two hours, she had heard about five different stories regarding Greek mythology—most she knew, others she surprisingly didn't—and she had caught up on everything going on in Priam's life, especially when it came to things regarding his boyfriend. She thought she had a mild headache as she made her way back home, but her smile couldn't be contained. She promised herself it wouldn't take her that much time to visit her family next time as she got in the house she shared with Hermione.

"Hermione," she called out the moment she got inside, closing the door behind her. "I'm home. Mum and Priam wish you well and miss you."

"I miss them too," Hermione's reply was heard from the kitchen. Iris followed her voice as she got in the kitchen.

"I had almost forgotten how talkative Priam can be, you know." It was then she caught sight of the person sitting on a chair around the table. Her eyebrows rose at once. "George, I didn't know you'd be here."

"Neither did I," Hermione sent him a faint glare as she turned back to stirring the soup she was preparing. "Ron will come over for lunch, just so you know. Although you won't get to see him."

"Why not?"

George cleared his throat. "If you don't mind, I'd like to make it up to you for the inconvenience I caused the other day."

Iris sent him a brief smile. "It wasn't an inconvenience. You don't have to."

"I want to, though. If you don't have something pressing to do or if you are up to spending some time with me, that is."

Iris's gaze softened just slightly as she nodded. "Fine. Where are we going?"

"There's this pizzeria I really like I could take you to, if you're for to it."

Before Iris could speak up, Hermione did. "Have you forgotten Valentine's Day is in five days?"

Iris instantly scowled, "How could I when you make sure to mention your plans with Ron on Valentine's Day every day?"

George let out a small laugh as Hermione turned to face her with narrowed eyes. "Well, I'm excited."

"Valentine's Day can't just be forgotten, Hermione," George piped in, "besides, it's really profitable. How come you're asking?"

"No reason," she shrugged as she turned back to the food. "Both of you don't have plans on Valentine's Day, then?"

"I'll be working most of the day," George admitted as Iris sent her a look.

"Why are you suddenly so interested in Valentine's Day?"

"No reason."

"Right," Iris huffed as she turned to George who sent her a sheepish smile.

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