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The day of the dinner in the Weasley abode Iris's day wasn't the most pleasant. She had had to deal with a few demanding customers at work and a couple that arrived right before closing time, and then to make matters even worse, the bus she took to return back home came upon a car crash on the road. She ended up coming home half an hour later than she had planned she would. It had been a given she would be late to the dinner. Now there had been a mishap in the road as well, she was running a lot more late than she had planned.

"George," she breathed the moment she opened the door to her house, the man in question looking up from where he had been looking at his wand as he was twirling it around his hand. She closed the door behind her, a bit short of breath. He frowned at the sight, left the couch to walk towards her.

"Hey, sweetheart, breathe," he attempted to placate her, but by the time he had moved to reach her Iris was already rushing to her room, taking off her coat and throwing it on the couch on the way.

"I'm so sorry for being late, there was a car crash on the road and we were held up."

"That's alright, it doesn't matter if we are late for a few minutes," he consoled her, but she seemed to not hear him as she got in her room and rushed to her wardrobe.

"I had some of the worst customers ever today and then a couple came in a few minutes before we were to close and I left the shop late because of them and then we came upon the car crash and honestly, I just want to stand under the shower and not come out until my skin is all pruney and then get into my pyjamas and head straight for bed. But even that's not possible because I haven't had the chance to eat anything today so I need to eat as well."

George's frown deepened as Iris's rant came to a close, the woman still looking through her wardrobe at an insane pace. "Do you want to cancel? We could just stay here."

"What? Baby no," she turned to face him at once with a frown of her own on her face. "I said I would go, didn't I? I plan on going."

"It's really no big deal if we don't go, Iris," he tried once more, but she had turned to her wardrobe once more. "I will have a good time even if I just stay here with you."

She seemed to have not listened to a word he said when she turned to face him once more. "Do you think the dinner will be casual enough for me to wear jeans and a jumper?"

"Definitely, sweetheart," he murmured, giving up on trying to persuade her to not go. "At least mum is a great cook. You will not starve."

"That's honestly such a bonus," she sighed, not even sparing him a look as she started taking off her clothes right in front of him.

George's eyes widened but Iris seemed unbothered, hurrying to get dressed once more, jumping a little to get into her jeans and then wearing her jumper—that was surprisingly a nice shade of dark red instead of blue—and it was only when she was dressed properly and she was taking her hair off of her jumper that she noticed he was looking at her. And then she had the nerve to raise a brow at him.

"What? Is my attire not good enough?"

George blinked, shook his head a little. "No, it's alright. Just – nevermind. Are you ready to go?"

"Let me just wash off my make-up and tie up my hair," she mused, already heading to the bathroom. George, having nothing else to do with himself, shadowed her.

"What's wrong with your hair?"

"It's messy," Iris replied, already having started to wash her face. George looked at her hair, perplexed. It looked fine to him. He only shook his head, though, let her do what she wished. A couple of minutes later, Iris was ready to leave.

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