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George had been working, his mind focused on his products and his clients. He had been in the back of the shop only for a moment when the Patronus had arrived, Hermione's voice ringing in the space before it disappeared along with the Patronus. He couldn't help but frown. Iris had never cancelled a meeting this abruptly before, had always had the time to use this new phone she had bought for him a while ago just so they could communicate to let him know whether she would make it or not. He found it weird, that she had had to ask Hermione to inform him of their change of plans. He had no choice but to keep on working though and so that's what he did, knowing the shop wouldn't close on its own. 

He didn't stop speculating for the duration of his shift. His mind was elsewhere even though he appeared the picture of a great salesman in front of his customers and the rest of the staff. He wondered whether Iris was sick and that's why she didn't want to come, in which case he should really think of something to bring with him to her house. There was always the possibility that she was mad at him, for some reason. He would definitely need to bring something with him if that was the case so she wouldn't yell at him when she saw him, although he couldn't remember doing anything she seemed displeased about in the last few days. Then, there was another possibility, one that would make him elated if it was true. His gaze fell on his forearm, where underneath his sleeve, he knew was a blue iris, pretty like the person it reminded him of.

The pain had started late during the previous night, so great it had woken him up in the middle and had him unable to sleep for the rest of it. He couldn't quite believe his eyes when he noticed the blue iris standing out against his skin, just starting to appear. The moment had been so amazing he had forgotten all about his pain. He thought back to his parents, the pretty doe on their right shoulderblade the soulmark that bound them together. He had never thought he would find something like that with anyone. There was no doubt in his mind this mark was about Iris.

By morning there was only a dull ache as the mark had formed completely. George was almost late to work as he kept on admiring it, taking it in in detail as if he would never get to see it again and he would soon forget it. With time, as he had had to work, his thoughts no longer were about the mark, but with his speculation, they returned once more. He hoped that was what had happened. He didn't know if he could handle the disappointment if it wasn't. 

He left the closing of the shop to Ron and the rest of the staff and left in a hurry none of them commented on, even though Ron seemed confused at the sudden departure. George didn't head to his apartment, instead, he headed to the bookstore in Diagon Alley—he barely managed to step inside before it closed—and ignored the curious look the owner of the shop sent him as he headed deeper in the bookstore. He moved to the back of the room, his attention on the section of the shop that had to do with magical history. He was quick to head back to the counter to pay for the book so that he wouldn't keep the owner waiting for longer than necessary. When he stopped at the counter, the owner regarded him with a small smile.

"Now, that's a surprise. I didn't ever think George Weasley would set foot in my bookstore on his own accord ever in my life."

"The world works in mysterious ways and my girlfriend loves books," he revealed with a small chuckle as he handed the book over. The owner's eyes seemed to glint at the revelation.

"Fate works in mysterious ways indeed," they agreed as George paid for the book. With a nod, he was gone, out to Diagon Alley. He apparated as soon as possible, right in the middle of Iris's living room. At the sound, Hermione rushed outside, her eyes wide as she took him in.

"George, I was just about to ask for you," she greeted him, her gaze falling on the book a moment later. Her brows furrowed in confusion. "What is this about?"

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