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Walking in the streets of London with Hermione by her side, Iris couldn't help but smile. She pulled her coat closer to her body as they got down the pavement, passing by a few strangers she didn't spare a glance to as she took in her surroundings. They were in an area just five minutes away from their new apartment and as far as she knew, today she would see part of the wizarding world. Specifically, she would be going to Diagon Alley with Hermione, a well-known street in wizarding London, to find George in his jokeshop after his invitation. Needless to say, Iris was intrigued and curious.

Hermione had made sure the apartment they would stay at would be close to Diagon Alley and Iris didn't find herself complaining. If anything, she was almost excited about this trip to Hermione's world. She couldn't wait to see what it was like.

Hermione grabbed her hand and started guiding her towards a pub that appeared to be abandoned. Iris blinked, confused, and tagged at her hand. Hermione briefly shook her head.

"I know where we're going," she said over her shoulder as she continued. "Mum and dad acted the same way. Believe me, I know where we're going."

Iris nodded even though she couldn't see her, swallowing any doubts she had as they reached an apparently broken down shop front. Hermione put a hand on the handle of the door, turned it and opened the door, letting them inside. The moment Iris got in, her eyes widened.

The pub certainly wasn't abandoned. It was almost filled with people dressed in robes and pointy hats and she could spot an owl in a cage in the far corner of the room. She couldn't help but stare as a man raised his wand and almost bored, transfigured his cup to a shiny trophy and back and Hermione had to pull her to the back of the shop so they could keep going.

"This is the Leaky Cauldron," she said once they had gotten in the back where it was more quiet. "It's not my personal favourite but it's rather popular amongst the wizarding population." She sent Iris a small smile as she stopped in front of a wall. She turned to face her. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah," Iris nodded as she turned to the wall, "do your magic."

Hermione chuckled and reached up, tapping a few tiles. A short while later, in front of Iris's surprised and eager eyes, the tiles started to move by themselves. She couldn't help but gasp as in the place of the brick wall now she could see a wide, crowded street made of cobblestone, shops on either side of it. The street seemed to go on and on until it stopped in front of a rather intimidating building. Iris gaped at the sight. With a small smile, Hermione nudged her forward.

They got in the crowd and Hermione had to hold Iris's hand in order to not lose each other in the crowd. Iris seemed to be lost from the moment she got inside, though. Her eyes were wide as she looked around, attempting to take in every shop around her. Hermione didn't say a word, allowing her to take in everything, realising she was most probably rather overwhelmed. Instead, she only led her to George's jokeshop, that after the end of the war and after it had closed for a few years, had opened once more and was thriving the way it had always been.

George wasn't managing the shop alone anymore. At first, he had been the owner along with his twin brother, Fred, one of the many casualties of the war. Hermione had briefed Iris on the story and had adviced her to not mention Fred all that much, and even though Iris had appeared rather bothered by her request at first she had given in a short while later. In the last few years as the shop opened, Ron had come to help his brother manage it after he realised a career as an Auror wasn't what he wanted in his life. He had claimed he wanted peace and happiness. It was needless to say he believed he had finally found both.

Iris, even though she couldn't really decide where she had to look first, noticed George's jokeshop easily enough. Perhaps it was because of the crowd that seemed to get even thicker at that direction, but that wasn't really what caught her eye. It was the sculpture of a man with vibrant red hair grinning and raising his long hat to the people on the street. She knew the moment she saw it, this was no doubt George's shop.

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