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The night turned out a little bit more fun than either of them thought, making Natalie's doubts vanish for a bit. And that night made Natalie a little bit more irresistible in his eyes.

It was after midnight when Mark drove Natalie back to her house. He said that he wouldn't let her get a taxi back. She had left the car at home that day. 

"I'm so tired" Natalie complained when Mark pulled up in her house. "But I had fun." She turned her head to the left so she could look at Mark. She smiled at him and Mark only looked back at her when he had parked the car. Right outside of her house. "Thank you."

"So I guess, I can take you out again?" Mark asked hopeful. "Or in, you know, either one works for me." He gave her a sly smile. "Okay, I'll try again." He sighed when Natalie rolled her eyes at him. "I loved walking with you. You look amazing. How was that?"

"Better." Natalie nodded her head reassuring him. "You can try again, though." She teased him.

"I'll try." He leaned closed to her, his eyes never leaving her lips. The natural reddish tone of her lips, made them so kissable.

"Step back Sloan." Natalie spoke in a warning tone. She took her seat belt off. 

"Why? You don't kiss on the first date?" Mark teased her.

"There will be no kissing. Or anything similar for that matter." Natalie smiled widely when Mark frowned. She then opened the door, getting out of the car.

"You love torturing me, don't you?" Mark followed her towards her porch. 

"I slightly enjoy it." She confessed.

"I've slept with you and you won't let me kiss you just for goodnight?"

"Well, I recognise that it shouldn't have happened, not like that. Not that I regret it, don't get me wrong. But well, every time I say something, you take it the wrong way and-"

Mark kissed her lips, slowly and briefly, just to make her stop talking. "Hearing you rambling was cute but also kind of weird, so I had to do something to make you stop." Mark spoke when he pulled back.

Natalie smiled, her eyes still closed because even though she wanted to take things slow, she still enjoyed the feelings he gave her by just a touch. "I just want to take it slow." She looked at him this time. "Because everything else has been going a little too wrong, a little too fast lately and I need to be sure. And I need my space to get Amber back."

"And I want to be here for everything you need."

And in that very moment Natalie was oblivious of everything that was happening in the other side of the town. 

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