Chapter 1 - Where Have I Heard This Name Before?

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[ A/N: The first picture is of Skyla (her previous life) and the second one is Aoi (her current life) ]

My eyes slowly flutter open. 'Where am I...' 

I look at my surrounding which looks like a hospital. Recalling my dream just now, I felt weirded out. 'What the hell was that dream. Ugh my head hurts.' 



"AHHHHH!!!!" I scream out loud. It wasn't a dream. I died at the age of 18 as Skyla and now I am.. I am? 

"Aoi! Are you okay?!" Mom comes running in, probably scared because of my screaming. 'Wait' 

"I'm...okay. My head just hurt suddenly." I replied. 

"Thank god you woke up Aoi. You've been sleeping for an entire day now!" she says looking extremely worried.

"An entire day..?"

"You fell off your bicycle in an accident ! You were bleeding and I was so worried and I thought something terrible was going to happen and-" 

"Mom! I'm completely okay!" I grin cheerily while wiping the tears off my mom's face. My head slowly clears up from all the confusion.

"Don't worry me like that again!" She sniffles while I smile at her. 'Mom.. So this is what maternal love feels like. I-

A sharp headache interrupts my thoughts when I remember another fragment of my previous life.

"Skyla. You should've taken better care of yourself. What were you doing getting a fever when the mid-term exams are so close?" Mother sternly says in a harsh tone.

"I'm sorry mother. I'll be okay by afternoon and then go back to school."



"What date is it today?" I ask my mom. As far as I remember, I was excited about going to the festival with my friend Sakura. 

"It's August 3rd dear. The festival you wanted to go to ended already." she informed to me sadly.

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