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When Natalie decided to tell her daughter about what was happening, she didn't expect to spend a whole week of Amber not saying a word to her. No matter what she tried, she didn't say a single word to her. She was only talking to Cara, who decided to stay a little bit longer to help Natalie with everything. Natalie didn't blame her daughter. Her life was constantly going through big changes and it was enough as it was. So she finally snapped. 

The situation with Isaac was the same, he wouldn't back down and Natalie wouldn't let him take Amber away from her without a fight. So they were just waiting for the court. And Natalie hated that they reached that point. 

And like everything else wasn't enough, Burke had quit from the hospital and everything was running through Natalie first, even if she was not official head of the department. She wasn't even sure if she could handle that too, in that moment at least. She was sure about what she was capable of and she could handle being head of her department, she had done it before. But with everything else that was happening, she needed a moment to breathe and she couldn't find any.

The moment she walked out of her patient's room, she had to find Derek for a consult. The residents were dealing with the new interns that day so she had no one to help her. She didn't mind anyway, she didn't do well with either interns or residents. She didn't do well mostly with Cristina Yang, which she knew was going to be a pain in her butt since she was into cardio. She was sure the moment she would ask her to be her teacher, she would snap. 

"Hey, I was looking for you." She saw Derek walking up to her and they started walking together.

"Yes, me too." He told her. "Do you want to get a drink later?"

"No. I need you for a consul, though." She declined not even trying to be nice about it.

"Why not?" Derek asked, desperate to talk to someone about his lost relationship. 

"Why, you ask." Natalie laughed sarcastically. "Because I have a teenage daughter who is not talking to me. An ex husband who is ruining my life, constantly. Oh and I have to take care of the whole cardio department by myself because Burke just realised that his life decisions sucked. A department I am not officially in charge of, of course I do everything anyway. So I do not want to get a drink. I do not have the time." So she snapped at Derek instead. 

"Wow, you have a talent." Derek remarked.


"You make people want to apologise to you when they haven't even done anything wrong."

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