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That day Natalie had a knot in her stomach. She felt stressed, for several reasons. But mostly because she had to fly out to San Francisco to sign the divorce papers. Her wedding was coming to an actual end this time. But she had to be there because Isaac was there and her lawyer was there. And since she was the one that moved out, she decided to take the step and fly out. Plus she could return with Amber back home, so any feeling she had after the divorce she could actually tame it since her daughter would be with her.

But before she had to fly out, she wanted to check up on her patients. any thought in her mind was faded away when she entered the elevator. Richard and Addison were already inside. She looked at him and then at Addison and then back at him .

"Good morning." She cleared her throat, trying to ignore the fact that the chief had dyed his hair black. Divorce is bound to make you do weird things.

"Good morning." Richard said and acted like nothing was going on. Addison and Natalie exchanged a look.

Natalie stayed silent, it wasn't her place to say anything. When her husband cheated on her she dyed her hair black too. It was a huge change to go from blonde to black. But she did it and it was actually the greatest decision she had ever made.

Derek entered next. "Morning." He said and then he stopped to stare at Richard. "What's different?"

"Nothing." Richard said.

"Leave him be." Addison told her ex husband.

"What happened to your hair?" Derek continued.

"Nothing." Natalie gave her friend a look so he would stop as Richard was feeling uncomfortable.

Mark and Burke entered the elevator next. Mark gave Natalie a smile but then it turned to a shocked look when he noticed the chief's hair.

"What happened to your hair?" Burke asked.

"Leave him be." Natalie said this time.

"You dyed it." Mark pointed out.

"But why?" Derek added making Addison smack him.

"Let him be." Natalie repeated.

"Ok, but why?" Burke ignored both women who were telling them to let it go. Typical men.

"Men who have grey hair are noticed less then men who don't." Richard said quietly.

"Men with grey hair are more charming. Just saying." Natalie said and her eyes went wide when she realised she had said that out loud, making Mark gave her a sly smile. 

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