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Now our commitment to being farmers was absolute.

NOT sheep/crop farmers... no, we took the easy, controllable, steady option - to become dairy farmers and milk cows!

A new learning curve had begun - first as share-farmers, and then all too soon, 'partners' and owners of our own farm... all too often inspired conspirators in achieving our goals in everything else as well as our marriage.

As we approach our 50th wedding anniversary, we could be described as having had enduring guardianship of each others' lives and livelihoods for half a century. Phew!

Check some of the chapter titles and be intrigued and (hopefully) unable to resist the challenge to read what lays behind the headlines -

'To All the Girls We've Loved Before... '

'Rhymes with City'

'Shocking Scenes'

'Born in a Storm - a Horse's Tale'

It's looking like about 20 Chapters of tales of the dairying variety, kindly disabusing those who believe milk comes from some great dairy in the sky, created complete in cartons.

Come walk our 'milky way' with me - and once again, just as in the first book, 'Brave Beginnings', get ready to laugh and cry and shake your head, a lot. Here is yet another aspect of country life as we lived it in the last century.

Old McLarsen Had Some Farms - a memoir:      Book Two - The Milky WayWhere stories live. Discover now