A brief interruption and apology!

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I have not forgotten thee Wattpad - but how shall I count the ways I try to 'shout out' about my memoirs?

Whatever writing talents I possess have been turned in other directions - but I simply MUST make space for my Wattpad words, too.

When you see this list, you may sympathise, empathise, or just ask yourselves what else you would expect of a septuagenarian, trying to cope with this technological world? (haha... that almost beats a Chrisosaurus - almost!)

I am (and have been):

-  pre-recording tightly condensed versions of each chapter of Book One of the 'Old McLarsen had some Farms' memoir each week and as of yesterday, we have 12 episodes recorded. The plan is for a type of 'country' stories hour, with three writers reading excerpts from their works. The plan at this stage is to have an intro to each of us, 15 secs of our chosen theme music, the excerpt, music again and a 'finale' reminder of who was reading what... repeat, repeat. I've chosen Tommy Emmanuel's 'Countrywide' for my music and it's perfect for my farm stories. In between our reading sections, there will be full plays of country style songs/instrumentals. Don't know how long before it all comes together, but hanging out for it to be soon. So much more work involved than one can imagine - especially when much is being done by volunteers. Being a community radio station, it has few paid staff.

- the 'tightly condensed versions' mentioned above are torture to the soul. So much that I love must be thrown out with the bathwater to fit the time allotment. "Not ANOTHER edit," my heart and soul cry out. It's truly painful. And all this created yet another need - to get a voice recorder and learn how to use that, and then check and re-check my timing. Reluctantly, I must admit, it's a wondrous tool for editing - reading your own words out loud finds small errors and lacks in cadence or rhythm - and the horrible acknowledgement that you can actually do without some of those words. Oh woe is me! Except if it helps me to be a better writer. And except when the moment comes and you actually hear the recording, complete with all the trimmings. Ahh, but that's nice.

-  found a new creative outlet - making 'memes' about my thoughts, favourite quotes, writings, published books - using my photos or freebies from various photo sites and playing with them on PicMonkey and adding words. I love it SO much - despite yet another learning curve! Have been putting the results on my Facebook pages (Christine Larsen and Christine Larsen - Author), and on Pinterest (Christine Larsen or cdcraftee), where I've made a special board for them called 'A Miscellanea of Meme-oirs' (corny as... but this sweet old-fashioned thing loves ALL things memorable AND country).

- trying to wrap my head around a third part to my kiddy book 'When Sampson met Delilah'. It's already a self-published eBook, for sale on Amazon, but when I looked at the 'Look Inside' feature on my sales page, I was disappointed with how little just one part could provide. So, on my computer and on Tablo, I've done a part two, and working on part three - the finale. But I'm stuck. Spread too thin, I fear.

Do you hear the violins playing sad tunes yet?

I will try to improve... I promise. The long miserable days of our 'Downunder' winter (one of the most bitterly cold and dry we've had in some years) are drawing to a close. Our spring was meant to have begun 10 days ago, and today we're having sunshine - and they predict a couple of warmer days ahead before another wet and wintry onslaught. At least these are getting fewer and shorter. Daffodils and blossom on fruit trees reckon they know what time of the year is. Surely hope they're right.

Now, just to prove my intentions are not just 'crocodile promises', I'll follow this by adding another chapter.

Hope you'll stick with me... there are more tales to tell.

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