𝐼𝐼 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑝𝑡𝑒𝑟 3 (𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑒𝑛𝑑)

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Y/n was sitting on the rooftop of the school

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Y/n was sitting on the rooftop of the school. She knew her end was coming soon, the infinity fortress was now gone, she absorbed all of the remade Nakime's cells.

She was holding Past Tanjiro and Muichiro's body, this was the last time. She wanted them to at least see their original body.

Soon the doors to the stairwell opened, making her former visible.

All of them are present, ALL of the them. Tears were down all of their faces. Seeing the person they needed to kill.

"Ohayo, Minna." She Said for the last time.

She looked the reincarnated Tanjiro and Muichiro, her eyes softening.

"Tanjiro, Mui. Come here." She said as the two younger boys stepped forward.

When the two boys were right in front of her, she showed them finally. Tanjiro and Muichiro's eyes widened.

"Is that my b-body?" Muichiro asked shaking slightly.

The two bodies then disappeared, Y/n then also kneeled down. She then softly spoke:

"Ariguto Minna, Sayonara."

Her sunlight immunity was then turned off, as she succumbed to the sun. She burned, until there was nothing but ashes left. Her clothes remained. And the Hanafuda Earrings.

Everyone else started to sob as they couldn't keep it in anymore. Tanjiro sobbed the hardest.

"Y/n-San...I'm sorry! I couldn't keep my promise a second time!" Tanjiro yelled.

That day was filled sadness and guilt filled their hearts.


Y/n woke up in a different landscape, in a forest. She walked out of the forest until she saw a red gate way.

Then someone called her name.

"Yo! Y/n! Over here!"

She turned towards the voice.

She saw a girl with black, yellow armor, while holding a demon blade. Y/n ran towards her. The girl that called her name, handed her blade. But it was red, with black energy coming out of it.

"Where did you go? We've been searching for you everywhere!" The same girl said.

"I'm sorry who are you?" She asked.

"Oh right! I forgot you went back to the land of the living for a while. My name's Yoto Hime." The girl explained.

All distant memories came back, when she was a Yokai. That lived other lives.

"I'm back, Huh."

"You remember now? Welcome back, N/n!"

That was Y/n's life. As a Yokai, she watched over the land of the living. She was grateful for everything.

"That was the best life ever. Thank you."

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