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The shadow of death has always looked over me, always stuck to me

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The shadow of death has always looked over me, always stuck to me. My heart stopped countless times inside of my mother's womb.

When I was born they said I was stillborn, there was no pulse nor breathing. In that moment they were ready to burn me.

But I fought, and I kept fighting. Until I cried for the first time.

I have done everything I expected to do, all that has been happening. But what I could do was limited.


I've got to admit what you said was right, all creatures die without exception. Only memories are eternal, immortal.

You were right, I can't even remember a single murdered person. When the body dies, everything is over.

But the mind remains and it never perishes, even I was defeated.

I witnessed this fact, it moved me and I trembled.

My body will soon succumb to the sunlight...However.

My memories are also eternal and indestructible. I will also pass on my memories to her.

For she, hasn't been harmed.

My breathing and heart are giving up, but not all my cells have been destroyed. There's still time.

I'll pour all my blood and strength onto her. That way, I won't lose against death.

With you, Tsugikuni Y/n. I will conquer the sun. And I will be the strongest demon.

Because of your blood, Kamado Nezuko is your descendant. You can use monstrous breathing techniques, you're unique.

Don't die. I believe...that with you I'll accomplish all my dreams.

For you are the daughter of the strongest demon slayer that ever lived, you will accomplish these goals.

Destroy The Demon Slayers for me.

ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Nowhere to Run


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