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Y/n was jumping from Roof to roof, tree to tree

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Y/n was jumping from Roof to roof, tree to tree. She wasn't able to be seen by the naked eye.

Due to her fast speed, she was able to reach her destination in a short amount of time, she landed at the foot of the mountain. Taking a Breathe before disappearing up the mountain again.

This was Mt.Natagumo, a place where a family of spider demons lived. Half way up the mountain she changed her appearance to look the family more.

She stood on a treetop before spotting the certain boy she was looking for, she surprised him by hugging him from behind. "Rui!" The boy was startled, but calmed down after.

"Y/n-nee, don't scare me like that!" Rui pouted.

"Ara Ara~ Gomen~. What are doing anyway Rui?" She asked.

"I've just been thinking, if my 'family' died. Would you take care of me?" Rui asked hugging her now.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I will!" She replied happily. "Thank you Y/n-nee!"

"Now then let's-"

Y/n sensed multiple presences coming up the mountain, mizuoto ranked Demon Slayers. Ten of them.

"Demon Slayers, always ruin my time. Rui, can you take care of them?" She asked, her soft expression long gone.

"Mother will take care of it, she knows the consequence if she doesn't."


"These guys just don't give huh? Guess I'll go greet them."

Y/n then jumped high from tree to tree, she got to the place where new lower ranked demon Slayers came from.

"Kon ba wa~" Her eyes glowing red as her rank was shown.

"Upper Moon One?! We were told it was only the lower ranked demons?!" One of the Slayers shouted.

"Then I guess you thought wrong."

In no time at all, she managed to kill all of the Slayers that was in her area. She of course devoured them after.

"Shit! Rui!"

She searched all over the mountain with her blood art, before she found him finally, he was in the middle of a fight.

It looks like the boy he was fighting was trapped inside his blood art, but the next thing that happened shocked her.

The water on his blade turned into fire, or should I say Sun. Rui was shocked about this as well, he jumped back trying dodge the fire.

The blade managed to hit his neck, then a rose colored flame and got in front of him. He had no time to dodge, his head ended up getting sliced off.


Your changed back into your original demon appearance already.


Rui reattached his head onto his neck again, but Y/n couldn't pay attention to him right now. There was only thing on her mind at that moment.

'Father......did you really pass down Breathe of the Sun?'

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard......water? 'So they sent a Hashira after all. I need to help Rui escape.'

"Blood Demon Art: Fire Air Blades."

Giyuu was startled by the certain voice, until he realized a transparent blade that was on fire was in front of him.

He cautiously took on more step, but the blade dropped in front of his feet, while setting that area on fire.

Y/n then quickly grabbed Rui and ran. "Nakime." A Shoji door quickly opened up at the floor below, Y/n then dropped Rui down the door as it closed after.


'Huh? Why would The Master want to see me? And here comes the two Hashiras, right about now.'

Y/n then dodged out of the way of the attack from insect Hashira.

"Ara~ So your the demon we need to bring back?"

Y/n tilted her head, but then she just jumped into the trees once more. Giyuu followed her so did Shinobu.

"Moon Breathing: First Form: Dark Moon-Evening Palace."

Y/n swings her blade vertically in front of the two Hashiras, Sharp Moon Crests appears. But luckily the two Hashiras dodged just in time.

"Just come with us! Or we will leave you out here to burn in the sun!" Shinobu said angered.

'I guess they don't know I have sunlight immunity huh? Interesting. I guess I'll mess with them.'


"Ah! Fucking hell! My head!"

Y/n then slowly stood up and took in her surroundings, she was in a cell. No sunlight coming in or out.

She easily busted the lock and door open, she then walked around and saw that she was at the Demon Slayer Crops Headquarters.

She walked around until a scent hit her nose, an intoxicating scent, a marechi. Her enhanced hearing then picked up something.

"Look it's the human you like so much!"

She walked towards the direction in which the voice came from, she slide open the two shogi doors. Just a crack of the doors opened, she sees the rest of the Hashiras and the Master with his two Daughters.

She also sees the same boy that fought Rui, and a demon girl. The boy was wearing Hanafuda Earrings.

She accidentally made a noise which caused all the heads to snap towards her direction, she quickly hid behind the door.

"What was that?!" The same voice called again.

"That was probably the other demon we captured." Shinobu spoke.

"You can come out, Y/n Tsugikuni."

'As expected of Oyakata-Sama...'

Y/n slowly walked out from behind the two doors, her face stoic and showing no emotion.

Her eyes looked around and locked onto the burgundy hair boy. For she also had the same hair just with (F/c) tips.

She pointed at the boy.

"Where did you get those earrings?"

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