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Upper Moon Five and Four has been sent to the sword smith village

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Upper Moon Five and Four has been sent to the sword smith village. They were currently battling Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, Muichiro And Mitsuri.

Hantengu has been sliced up, so he has been divided into his different emotions forms, while his real body has just been found by Genya.

Genya has ate some parts of the demon, so gained a demon form as well. He tried to cut Hantengu's real body but his sword just ended up getting broken.

He got stabbed on the side of his neck by the staff of the anger clone, Tanjiro Came just in time to help him.

Tanjiro went cut the real body, but Hantengu created his last emotions form, The Hate Clone.

The Hate Clone creates giant wooden dragons that can also use the sonic screams from the Joy Clone.

Else where, Muichiro was being suffocating from a Blood Art firmed by Gyokko, he soon got out and slayer Upper Moon Five. Muichiro also regained his lost memories.

Mitsuri also showed up and they defeated Upper Moon Four in time just as the sun was rising.

Nezuko managed to conquer the sun, Tanjiro took her blood and sent it to Tamayo. But I another demon who also conquered the sun was watching everything.

'Another demon who can conquer the sun! Muzan-Sama do See this! You have a chance!'

"𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐣𝐨𝐛 𝐘/𝐧."


"Someone who can withstand the sun has Finally...!! Amazing job, Y/n!!" Muzan said his eyes widened, in his disguised child form.

"Well, you seem to be having fun. What was the story in that book abou-" The lady of the house, her head was cut off by Muzan.

"There's no need to search for the blue spider lily anymore. It's been so long...!! But this, this is why, for a thousand years, why I've continued spreading my kind even though I didn't want to." Muzan continued as veins starting popping out of his neck.

"This is something not even the twelve kisumu have in them other Y/n. The Chosen Demon. The descendant Of Y/n Tsugikuni! If I eat that girl and Absorb her, I can actually defeat the sun!!" Muzan turned back into his original adult form.

He then quickly killed the maid, as she was screaming for help.

The man who turned Muzan into a demon during the heian period was a generous doctor. But Muzan was told he would die before he turned twenty, despite the fact that he suffered so much just to live a little longer.

And Muzan, Angered by his worsening disease, Killed Him.

But right after killing him, Muzan realized the Doctor's medicine was actually working. Muzan thought he obtained a strong body, but there was a problem.

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