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Y/n was walking around a small village, no one was around obviously since it was night and everyone was mostly asleep

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Y/n was walking around a small village, no one was around obviously since it was night and everyone was mostly asleep.

She then heard footsteps running towards her, she knew it was a demon slayer.

The Slayer's blade hit her neck but it did no damage at all, she grabbed the blade and broke it.

She threw the Slayer a feet away from her, unsheathe her own blade. Stabbed the slayer in the chest, killing him. She then devoured the corpse.

She then jumped onto the house, jumped from roof to roof as she watched the Sunrise. Oh how she wished for her fellow demons to also to see this.

The next night was the same routine but this time she felt two stronger presences.

"First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter!"

A wind attack was sent towards her, but she deflected the attack and jumped back. Unsheathe her own blade.

"Oi Oi, where are you Demon?" A voice called.

"The Wind Hashira, Am I right?" Y/n replied back.

"You damn right!" The male yelled back.

The male had White disheveled hair, scars all over and wide purple eyes. The male wasted no time with delivering another blow with his breathing technique.

One attack after another, Y/n just kept blocking the attacks. Until it was almost sunrise.

The white haired male was out of energy, he couldn't keep up with Y/n's attacks, as she was way faster then him.

Y/n then walked over to him, stepping on his head. Pushing it down into the ground, Sanemi tried to regain his breath.

Y/n glared down at him.

'Who...is she? No average demon can be this strong! I was told it was a average demon for this mission!' He thought as he looked up at her.

His eyes widened as he finally saw her eyes.

'Upper...Moon One.........No way...!'

Just then the sun rose, Y/n ran away into the nearby forest leaving the Wind Hashira lying on the cold ground.

Once she got far enough, she sat on a thick tree branch and closed her eyes.

"Whew! That was close one! Who knows what they would do if they found out about my sunlight immunity!"

Little did she know, Her Descendants were now apart of the Demon Slayer Crops.

And they will meet her very soon.




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