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Y/n Tsugikuni Status: Alive

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Y/n Tsugikuni
Status: Alive.
Age: 400+
Height: 5'9
Occupation: Demon Queen.
Era born: Sengoku Era Of Japan.
Position in demon slayer crops: Sun Hashira, Master.

Breathing Styles: 𝔸𝕃𝕃.

Blood Demon Arts:

Fire Air Blades: Makes Blades appear out of thin air, while the blades are on fire.

Fire Flesh Blades: Blades can be made out of her flesh on any part of the body, always on fire if created.

Moon Boomerangs: Summons two sharp moon-Shapes Boomerangs in hand, can be duplicated.

Evening Eyesight: Can See up to 1000 miles away, works only at night.

Love interests: none.

Former love interests: 乇尺尺ㄖ尺 乇尺尺ㄖ尺 乇尺尺ㄖ尺.

Family: 卂ㄥㄥ ᗪ乇卂ᗪ

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