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Just another day in the infinity fortress

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Just another day in the infinity fortress. Normal routine for the Demon Queen. Carrying Muichiro's corpse in her arms as her long kimono dragged behind her.

Just another normal day for her. She waited any news of finding her comrades reincarnated out there somewhere.


"What is it Nakime?" Y/n asked closing her eyes.

"I found them..."

Y/n's eyes widened, her lips craved into a smile.

"Where are they?" She asked the Biwa demon.

"In a place they call Kimetsu Academy, and the tradition there is based on the Tashio Era Of Japan. This school is junior high and high school combined." Nakime explained.

"I'll apply there a 2nd year high school student then."

"Hai, Y/n-Sama."

-The next day-
(I'm going with my quarter system that my school has right now)

Y/n was dressed in the uniform provided by the school. She landed on the roof of the building, her demon form hidden.

She then went to the teacher's office/lounge to get her schedule.

She had Math with Sanemi in the morning believe it or not.

Then History with Kyojuro in the afternoon.

When the bell rang she went to her math class. She stood outside until Sanemi called her in to introduce herself.

"Konnichiwa~ I'm L/n Y/n, please take care of me." She finished off.

She lied about her last name on purpose, what's the point of telling them anyway.

She then sat at the back of the room, where Tsuyuri Kanao was seated right next to her. Kanzaki Aoi is seated right next to Kanao.

The class started as Sanemi begin to teach his lesson. Y/n couldn't care less about the lesson, she just drew in her note book.


She was on the rooftop sitting, drinking her 'juice' which was really just blood.

"Huh?! You had a new girl in your class?! Why are you guys so lucky?!"

A familiar voice yelled, This caught Y/n's attention quickly as she listened and peeked around the corner.

And what does she see?

A mop of blonde hair fanboying.

'Agatsuma Zenitsu, never changes, never will.' Y/n thought as she shook her head with a smile.

She finished her juice box and threw it in the nearby trash bin, and walked to her class early. Tanjiro then caught sight of her.

"Hello! My name is Kamado Tanjiro! Pleased to meet you! I haven't seen around you before, are you new?"

"Your right actually, I'm new here. I'm L/n Y/n nice to meet you Kamado-Kun. I wish we could talk longer but I have to go now." Y/n then walked off.

'She kind of looks like me...why does she feel so familiar? Like I've met her before. Oh well.' Tanjiro then went back to his friend group.


Y/n was now in History class with the former Flame Hashira. 

And class ended before she knew it. But an announcement came on the speakers as she was packing up.

"Attention all students and staff. When you go home. Please take some Wisteria that's at the front gate. It is for everyone's safety. Thank you."

'Wisteria? That can only mean that demons are starting to crowd around this area. Shit. Looks like more work for me tonight.'


That night Y/n was slaying the many demons that were surrounding the area.

More and more came until they became ashes to her blade. Sunrise finally came and she went back to the fortress to rest.

"If this keep happening for the next couple weeks, I'm gonna have to call in sick."

-2 weeks later-

More and more demons have been appearing around the school area. But Y/n was able to take care of it.

She finally got back to school, but who knew a whole group of new students are coming to the school.

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