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Tanjiro was tired from his Of school, so after dinner

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Tanjiro was tired from his Of school, so after dinner. He basically knocked himself out.

-Tanjiro's Dream-

He woke up, having scenes from his past life with Zenitsu And Inosuke replay. He opened his eyes to find a white landscape.

He saw himself, but he was wearing a checkered Haori.

Past Tanjiro: You're ...

Tanjiro: Me...?

Past Tanjiro: I see...Hey...Is everyone alive?

Spirits of everyone else appeared behind the past Tanjiro.


Past Tanjiro was shocked for just a moment, before turning his expression into a sad smile. As tears streamed down his face.

Past Tanjiro: Please take care of them...and set her free of her curse...

Tanjiro: I don't- uh...-No. I Will.

Past Tanjiro: Then I'm counting on you-

"Kamado Tanjiro."

Tanjiro jolted awake from his dream, as a few tears fell.

'It was a dream?! My chest hurts...The Others!' He thought as he suddenly panicked.

"Onii-Chan!" Nezuko called.

"Inosuke And Zenitsu are here!" Nezuko called again.

But this time Tanjiro saw his sister in her old kimono and Haori.



"Wake Up sleepyhead!" Inosuke said.

"Yo, Tanjiro!" Zenitsu continues.

"..." Tanjiro's mouth was open but no words came out.

He saw Zenitsu And Inosuke in their old clothing and gear for just a second like he did with Nezuko.

'What's happening?' Tanjiro asked himself.

"Bro you look pale...are you ok?" Zenitsu asked him.

"No...no it's okay, let's get ready for school." Tanjiro reassured him.

-When they arrive at school-

'Everyone's here.'

Tanjiro looked at his former comrades, he saw them in their old gear.

'Tomioka-San, Shinobu-San. Aoi And Kanao. Mui...Genya...And...'

Tanjiro cut himself off as he looked at his history teacher. Seeing his flame design Haori once more.

He looked up at Kyojuro to see his smile, but he saw blood coming out of his head and mouth. He saw him in his dying state.

Tanjiro couldn't help the tears that watered his eyes. Nezuko took notice of this and begin to worry.

"Onii-Chan..." She reaches out for him, worrying.

Tanjiro quickly wipes his tears away, to not worry his sister.

"It's okay Nezuko."

'It's okay...'

-in history class-

"Today's lesson will be, The Tashio Era!" Kyojuro said with his normal loud tone.


"It's actually a story from the Tashio Era where demons existed." Kyojuro explained.

The lesson went on but Tanjiro couldn't focus very well.

'It's so... detailed. He feels so...Familar.' Tanjiro thought.

'Does Rengoku-Sensei also remember?' Tanjiro thought again. But soon after the bell rang.

"Tanjiro, let's go home." Zenitsu said walking over to his friend.

"You guys go ahead, I still have stuff to do..."

"Okay. We're waiting by the gate." Zenitsu then left.

'I have to talk to Rengoku-Sensei.' He stood up and followed his teacher out the door.


Kyojuro was stunned, by remained his posture.


"Do you also remember...?"

Kyojuro's eyes widened for a second, but then he slowly smiled. Tanjiro's tears came back, he ran into Kyojuro's arms and hugged him tightly like he was going to lose him again.

Zenitsu And Inosuke then Came to find them both, and explained that everyone All remembered their past life.

"So we have to sent her free with our demon forms? But...why?" Tanjiro asked.

"She created these forms so when we remember...she can finally be sent free. She haven't died since then. Once she's gone, the demons will be to." Zenitsu explained.

"Then where is she right now?"

"The roof."

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