Chapter Fourteen

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Bellamy's POV

Dancing around with Dante had been fun but I realised that Atticus was no longer in the ballroom, his presence missing I decided to take him a brownie before they we all gone. Firstly, I headed to his office to find he wasn't there so he most likely will be in his bedroom. I stopped before continuing walking afraid that he went to be alone. Maybe he is upset, I don't like that thought.

I'll give him the brownie then go.

As I was nearing the hallway to our rooms I could hear some noises but thought nothing off it, I turned the corner and at first was confused by what I was seeing. There was Atticus and he was holding some girl against then wall.

Then it clicked, I gasped and ran away dropping the brownie in the process. I couldn't believe I had just seen Atticus in the midst of having sex with someone. I eventually made my way back to the ballroom and felt the need to have a drink, which I wouldn't usually do. I found a bottle of champagne and headed towards Vierra's room. I sprawled out on her bed, occasional taking swigs of the alcohol. I felt a puncture in my chest that has me aching, but I had no clue to what it was and why I felt the sudden need to drink away the night.

It didn't take long for me to doze off into an unhappy sleep only to be disturbed by Vierra climbing into the bed with me to join in my slumber.


"Wake up Bebe" Vierra's calming voice trailed through my ears whilst my eyes were attacked by the sunlight beaming through her window.

"You have to get dressed I let you sleep through breakfast but it's lunch now" she shook me up. Without saying anything I got out of bed and walked towards my bathroom, my head hurting from the night before. As I was walking into the room Atticus was coming out of his.

There was a brief moment we made eye contact and then I suddenly looked away shutting the door behind me. I stripped my dress off and got into the shower scrubbing at my skin and the memories of everything I witnessed.

He was so aggressive in his love making, he had her by the throat up against the wall thrusting into her. It was intense and it made me slightly intrigued, and at the thoughts I felt a tingle in between my legs. It was unusual but kind of felt good.

Knowing lunch was soon I finished my shower and headed out dressing in a denim blue skirt, an open pink shirt, and white thighs. I put on a simple chocker that said princess as it matched the vest I was wearing.

I was struggling to feel little within this house so small comforts like adorable chockers have been helpful

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I was struggling to feel little within this house so small comforts like adorable chockers have been helpful.

As I approach the dining room I can hear the delightful sound of chatter which has become a soothing noise. Sat around the table was Vierra, Dante, Diego, Atticus , and Elora as usual.

Dante smiled at me as I sat across from him, Diego winking at me as well from the left. I keep my eyes completely out of the direction of Atticus not wanting to be reminded. I wonder if he knows I saw him, he probably wouldn't even care, he had his head lent back and was extremely rough he was probably enjoying himself too much to notice.

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