Chapter 10: Weekend (P2)

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NaMi's POV

What the fudge!!! How dare he show up!!! Right after he has done he'll just show up to us!! Ok.. fine, if this is what he wants then I'll show him what I've got.

I pulled his hair harder using my left hand and punched his stomach even harder using my right hand and did the same process again and again.

"YAH!!! HOW DARE YOU SHOW UP TO US HANEUL-SSHI!!! HOW DARE YOU HURT MIN!!! I CAN'T EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! YOU LEFT HER AND THIS TIME I'LL BE THE ONE TO DO THE REVENGE FOR HER!! JUST HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU... FREAK!! URGH!!" I Screamed angrily at him. And you are wondering who could it be well it's Min's ex-boyfriend, Song Haneul, who just used her for money. This freak is really shameless to even bring a new girlfriend with him. Yeah... he is bringing a new girlfriend probably to show Min that he really does not love Min. Just how dare he!! I pulled his hair even harder until he groaned in pain. I just didn't mind all the people's stare and did not even dare to care.

"AHHHH!! That hurts! I beg you please stop!" He exclaimed still groaning in pain while Min was trying to stop me already but I still didn't, I'm way different from Min if I would really get angry then, probablyby he whole world night explode from my rage. And that's a fact.

"Yah... NaMi-sshi... stop it! You are hurting him!." She tried to calm me down and stop me from what I am doing but still I continued. I can say that I may be stubborn enough to even not listen to anyone's requests.

"Serves him right to be hurt! I should make this more painful so he could feel how you felt before." I exclaimed angrily back at her not because I'm angry to her but to this frog infront of me who just wants money.

"Ahhh!!! It really hurts!! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Forgive me or not please stop it! Jebal." He begged but not a single thing convinced me so I continued what I was doing to him.

Until when the security guards when near us and tried stopping us and so they were able to stop me from pulling his hair. Seeing his face again makes me burn him alive. He should be thankful that I didn't bring a match here or someone offered a match for me. Probably of there was then I moght have burnt him alive ani... probably the whole mall. Aish... this brat's making me... URGH!!

"Miss please stop this before I call the police." One of the security guards said and wait.. what? he's going to call the police? What did I do wrong? Well... this brat deserves some punishment and nothing else so what's with the police?? Urgh... don't tell me they are thinking that I'm a suspect, am I right? Maybe?

"Ok! Fine! Just take him away from me. I don't want to see him anymore." I commanded angrily and pushed him away from him. I looked at him for the last time and give him a disgusting look.

"Next time if we see each other, then I won't hesistate punching you directly to your face!" I threatened him but it didn't seem to scare him. Scared or not I mark my words. I do what I say unless I forgot it.

"Forgive me or not. It is up to you... And I have nothing that I regreted from breaking up with her *looks at Min or glare to be exact* Never. Have. Been." He said emphasizing the last three words. Yah! Just who thinks he is?! Can't he just?!! Urgh... this annoying ugly, freak. Yeah... right. Never have regreted ehh?? Just watch out if we see each other again!! For sure I won't regret punching you right to your bones!

"Yeah... let's see you bastard!!"I exclaimed angrily. I crumpled my hands and was about to punch him right to his face but another person held my arm and stopped me from punching this frog infront of me. I was shocked and looked at the person who tried from stopping myself to punch the other frog infront of me and to my surprise it's...

"Excuse me officers, we apologize for her behavior earlier. I hope you won't mind since we still have some appointment to do. I guess we'll have to go." He said excusing us to the security guards. I was expecting that the security guards to release us but it startedtalking by asking him a question.

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