I groaned, first day back at hell. Eh it could be fun... HA. Why would that ever come to mind? I giggled to myself. How am I in a good mood?

"Is that a giggle I hear? At 7:00 in the morning? From Rae Rae??" I hear from the door to my balcony. It was of course Misty.

"Why does that surprise you?" I respond.

Her face seemed to grow even more shocked from my words.

"You always try to throw something at me in the mornings! What did them guys at the pizza place put in your pizza?? I'll go haunt them if you'd like!" She babbled at me.

"That would be inconvenient Mi Mi." I state slight amusement laced in my words.

"Whatever you say! I'm just glad you're in a good mood." She giggled before zooming through my closed door possibly to the living room, she loves going to watch Adventure Time in the morning before joining me at school.

I threw off my dark purple duvet and swung my legs around to meet my black carpeted floor. Standing up lazily I trudged into the bathroom grabbing my outfit that I put out the day before. I saw my iPod on the docking station on the window sill and quickly put some music on, blasting it around the house. Mum had already left for work so I was home alone, like every morning, Monday to Friday. I hardly minded though.

I stuffed on my black shirt, that said "Because I said so, that's why" in white writing, onto my curvy frame then wriggled into my matching black skinny jeans.

Then I turned to the mirror grimacing at my reflection. Better sort this out. I washed my face and brushed my teeth before grabbing my everyday makeup and applying it to my pale face.

Now eye makeup. "Eyelinerr, where would I beeee without yoouuu," I sung to myself, then giggled. When did I become this girly? Oh well.

Right okay. One thin line going across heee- naah. I covered my eyelid with black eyeliner before adding some at the bottom as well. Then I drew a flick creating the cat eye look, then I did the same on the other eye. Done. It made my crystal blue eyes pop perfectly. I applied black lipstick to match everything else and smiled at my reflection. That is until I glanced up at the birds nest on top of my head. I sighed slightly. Looking at the clock it says "7:15". Plenty time. I styled my hair perfectly and sprayed it in place. Good.

I left my bathroom, switching off the music on my way out, and turned to face my reflection in the large mirror. I got out a white bow and clipped it at the side of my head and pulled a stupid face before joining Misty in my living room, watching Adventure Time. Knew it. I chuckled and strolled into the kitchen. I rummaged through the cupboard before finding what I was looking for. Nutella. Yessss.

I grabbed a spoon before walking into the living room and sitting with Misty. I sat crossed legged before stuffing my face with a spoonful of the chocolatey loveliness. I checked the time once more, if I wanted to get to school on time I had better be going.

"Come on Mi Mi we better get going." I told her. She nodded and the TV switched off.

"ONWARDS NOBLE STEED" Misty yells pointing at the door before charging through it. I rolled my eyes at her childish behaviour but smiled none the less. I laced up my new boots and grabbed my space bag.

" Onwards indeed!" I say opening the door and smiling brightly and Misty standing at the bottom of my drive. I locked the door and pulled out my headphones and phone.

                                  *                *                *

I have arrived, puny humans.

I walk through the gates of hell- I mean... school. Let's play spot the new people! Well, I see two unfamiliar faces. One was petite and cute looking with her chocolate brown eyes and golden looking hair. The other had bright green eyes that shone. They are both pretty, ugh why? I wanna be pretty too. They are staring shocked and angry and another unfamiliar face, then they crouched down to pick up a bag and its contents that had spilled onto the floor. Again, she was pretty but also pretty intimidating! Haha... I'm hilarious... 

The intimidating girl had green eyes like the other new girl but hers seemed to literally produce light. A devilish green glow... Wow... I'll be sure to keep out of her way.

I look around at the others in the parking lot before walking further along. 

"Misty, are they the new people you heard about?" I asked. I couldn't care less if people heard me speaking to her. Everyone already knew I was the "freaky" girl in this school. I'm avoided by humans and I am comfortable that way. 

"Correct there, my friend!" She answered giving me a grin.

I smiled at her. I really admire her enthusiasm. She happens to stay positive even after what she had been through when she was alive.

"But I'm fairly sure there was one more girl arriving- Oh! here she is! Looky there!" She pointed to another girl.

She dismounted the bike and took off her helmet that revealed her face. She wore a bored look on her pale face. There was no other emotion to be shown. Alright then. Time to give her a warm welcome to Deegan High.

I strode over to where she was standing and walking into her view. I stopped and stood in a casual pose, leaning my weight on one of my legs. 

"Hey newbie. Welcome to Hell." I say bluntly before planting an overly sweet grin on my face.

She stared at me with her bike helmet under one arm. Her posture was smart and her hair fell gracefully down her back. 

"Um... thanks..? I'm Elisabeth. Elisabeth Croft." She spoke in a formal way towards me and she stuck her hand out for me to shake. 

I grinned once again before high-fiving her hand.

"Raven McAddon. Imma show you around, kay?" I say before dragging her to the office to collect her timetable and other necessities. I glanced back to see her face filled with shock at my actions. I was quite shocked myself. Why was I being so friendly today? First of all I woke up in a good mood ON A SCHOOL DAY. Then I'm being genuinely friendly towards one of the new girls. Weird.

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