As I lie on the ground I feel myself become one with the earth. The grass twisting, weaving its way through the gaps of my fingers. The trees shading me from the blazing ray of the sun and the birds singing me to sleep. Being outside, in the arms of mother nature makes me feel as if life was simple and easy where no-one runs around panicking about deadlines or if a shirt is going to ironed in time for unimportant, sorry an extremely important meeting that could change the future as we know it important.

The ground underneath me is about to crack open and swallow me up whole. I'll be dragged away from this place and sucked into a world of warmth and joy. Where plants and animals will be able to thrive without fear of destruction by builders and land developers. I wish so badly that this would come true so I can live my life as I want to live as a free animal not a child that is controlled by the very people that gave me this life.

But to crush my dreams and to bring me crash landing back to down to earth, was Geeves the family butler saying that afternoon tea was ready. "Will daddy be joining us?". I enquired with glimpse of hope.

"No, I'm afraid Mr Croft is at the British embassy, and won't be back until dinner."

"Great. Just me and mum then, like normal." I mumble

Since my parents can't seem to come to grips with my sudden renouncing off all meats, they seem to think that I'm just being a typical teenager going through the 'awkward' phase. So to try and get me to be 'a normal teenager' they've decided that at every meal I should have some kind of meat product.

"Mum I've told you time and time again i'm not eating any meat , fish or any food from an animal that has been harmed or injured just so I can eat it." I say whilst pouring out a cup of tea.

"Do we have to go through this again, Izabeth?" Mum grunts at me.

"No, and please don't call me that only Gran does." I hiss back.

Neither of us say any for a few minutes after that.


This silence continues for a while. I can't take this any more it's tortuous. Never been one for a silent atmosphere, ever. Drives me mad. Nervously, I carry on eating the scones that have been made for us. 

"These are really good." I announce trying to break the tension.

Nothing. It's now made it worse. I feel her piercing eyes glaring at me. Burning two hole in my pale skin. Must, say, something, to, stop, the, this, it's, killing, me. Heart pounding, palms sweating.

"Erm, I've - I've tried on my new school uniform."

Fingers crossed this works.

No answer for a second or two. Her expression hasn't changed,still the ' how dare you' look.

    Then out of the blue I get.

"Oh, really that's good." And we have lift off. "Does it fit? If not I can get Geeves to take it to the tailors."

"Mum, this isn't London. This is Deegan, for God's sake. There's a population of 1243 people. There isn't a going to be a tailors. If there is one it won't be for miles." I say in a matter-of-fact tone. 

"Yeh you're right. Sorry darling I've got to go pick your dad up. His car's broken down. Again." I'm told in dissatisfied tone.

"I told you that car dealer was dodgy, mum"

"You'll be ok on your own? Won't you?"

"Yeh, sure, fine, whatever." I say with a fake smile plastered across my lips. One thing I've learnt, don't worry mum when she's in a rush. It turns messy otherwise.

"Bye then." She kisses me on my forehead and leave with a click of the door. Plenty more tea and scones for me then. Next minute I know, mum's head poking around the door.

"How about when I get back, I'll open a new tub of Ben a Jerry's ice cream and we can draw up the plans for your gym/ eco-friendly playroom that's not actually a playroom because you're 'too old for a playroom' room," she says whilst doing the quotation mark in the air.

"Sounds like a plan."

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