My phone flashed to life shattering my peaceful sleep. I turned over in annoyance as my phone started to blare Give It All Back by Noah & The Whale, and right now I really did want to get all the time that I had slept back just to do it again. It struck me that I had quite a good sense of humor although I did under appreciate it the mornings, when all I could focus on was keeping my eyes open. I definitely wasn't a morning person. 

I turned my attention to my sister who was still somehow peacefully snoozing across from me. I wouldn't say the room we shared for the time being was cramped, far from that in fact, however compared to the rest of our new house it was quite understated. Our new home was a blank canvas and mum said she'd help me decorate my room; once me and Phoenix started getting along that is. She even offered to help Phoenix decorate her room too, naturally Phoenix declined her offer.

Glancing over at my phone I read the time with utter dismay. 7:30am. I now realized that I had slept through all of my wake up alarms and was up to my leave the house alarm. I was now dreadfully close to being late for my first day at school since school started at 8:00am. With that I sprung out of my bed and ran over to Phoenix pulling at her covers in an attempt to wake her.

"Phoenix." I said shaking her shoulders violently.

"PHOENIX!" I roared, yet somehow she slept on. Ugh. I had no time for this if she was late then it was her fault I had tried to wake her but it didn't work. I can't be blamed. Our open, empty shared wardrobe told me I hadn't unpacked yet; yesterday's clothes would have to do. I hopped around trying to put my black tights and shorts on making a huge racket as I did. Phoenix didn't stir. Flinging my green over-sized sweater over my head I made a grab for my phone; my headphones trailing along the floor.

I barreled my way down the main staircase, the polished marble cool against my soles and into the the grand hall. Some of our furniture had already arrived but for the most part it was sparse, aside from a couple of cute mirrors near the front door. Sheets of plastic covered the furniture, illuminated by the morning sun streaming through the slim glass windows either side of the front door. The hanging light had yet to be installed as it was lain carefully across the room, the light that my parents had chosen was intended to be a feature- a modern chandelier of sorts.

The kitchen was bright too; we had huge windows that perfectly framed the view of the forest that surrounded most of our new home. I eyed the breakfast bar hungrily wishing I had time but settled on getting a half packet of mints off the kitchen island that I had left there the night before. With that I skittered back into the hall and raced towards the front door. As I did I cast a look to the mirror on the left of me. Oh god. I simply could not go out looking like this. Dashing back upstairs I found my mascara and my black beanie. I promptly tipped my hair upside down in an attempt to make it more presentable, then put my beanie on. My beanie covered up the worst of it, so it would have to do.

I rushed back onto the soft, carpeted landing at the top of the stairs. Slide down the banister? It was an offer that I could never refuse. Nearly falling over at the bottom of the stairs I noticed I was lacking in the shoe department. My black converse were at the door. Slipping them on I tucked the laces into the sides, my phone read 7:44. Crap. Swiftly, I grabbed my satchel that lay strewn on the floor from the previous day and stuffed my belongings into it, I couldn't exactly say I was the neatest of people. With that I shuffled my way through the door; fumbling with my keys in a one sided battle to lock the front door behind me.

I flew round the corner of my new home and out of the pebble drive onto the quiet street. The early morning sun blinding me as it was still rather low down in the sky. I could just about make out a small-ish yellow dot some distance away. The school bus. I teared towards it as fast as I possibly could, almost nothing could stop me from making it on time on my first day, or at least nothing could stop me from trying. I neared the bus and I was thankful that it was yet to depart. Clambering up onto the bus I stopped at the top and panted with a quick smile.

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