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I walked casually down the street, humming quietly to my song that was playing full blast in my ears. My longish straight black hair flowed behind me in the gusts of wind that cooled me down slightly. It was a warm calm day. I held the pizza with my two hands, so I didn't drop it. I was a very clumsy person so I don't want to trip and ruin mine and my mother's dinner. That would be baaadddd.

I heard my songs change to Papa Roach- Last Resort and I began to tap my finger on the pizza box in time with the music. As I was getting into it my music suddenly stopped and I stopped in my tracks. Oh no you didn't...

"Oh heheh um heeyy Rae Rae..." I heard someone say on my right. I swivelled round to face them.

"Misty what have I said about my music?" I asked her irritated.

"Well you wouldn't answer me because it was too loud... I couldn't think of anything else." She replied.

"Do you not have the ability to talk in my mind or something? I don't know what spirits can do... Maybe like appear in my view that's easy enough. I don't mind what exactly you do to get my attention. But, just don't touch my music." I ranted slightly.

"Sorrrryyyyy pleeaaseee fffooorrrgiiveee meeeee" she whined in a weird voice that was quite amusing, I must say.

Chuckling, I answer "Fiinee."

"Yaayyy!" She cheered, over exaggerating by leaping into the air and doing a backwards summersault. I rolled my eyes, but an amused smile still worked its way onto my face. I started walking again, switching my music on again, but turning down the volume so I was able to hear her.

"Ooh I just realised you have pizza! What pizza is it??" She asked me excitedly, violet eyes sparkling.

"It's pepperoni, you know, the only one I eat?" I answer her sarcastically.

"Ohh yea... Hahah.. Cool!" She answers with a childish grin. We then walk in silence for a few minutes.

"You looking forward to school tomorrow? I've heard that there's going to be new students joiningg, maybe they could be your friends!" She spoke up suddenly.

I sighed. "I don't need friends. I'm fine on my own and with you. Anyway I'm home now so talk later Mi Mi." I say, adding a small smile and using her nickname. She beamed back at me.

"See you tomorrow sunshine!" She yells. Then her pale figure glistening slightly before fading into nothing. I turned around and walked through my front door.

"Muumm! Pizza delivery!"

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