I opened my eyes slowly as they adjusted to the light. I looked around the room. My sister's bed was empty. The covers were thrown back and her pyjamas were on the floor. I looked at the alarm clock. 8:00. That little bitch. She left without me. I'm going to kill her.

Rage gripped me. How dare she. Dads going to kill me if I'm late. On my first day of school too. My hands began to get warm. No, no, no. Not again. I willed my hands too cool down. My anger deflated as they did.

Once I was sure that my hands were cool enough to touch something I tried to pull the covers off my legs while standing up. My legs tangled and I found myself teetering slowly and found that I couldn't balance myself. Suddenly I hit the floor and I grunted in pain.

My ribs took the brunt of my pain. I took deep breaths before kicking the covers off and standing up. I pulled my top off and examined my ribs. They were already bruising. They were going to hurt a lot later on.

I quickly stripped off the rest of my clothes and then I ran to my wardrobe and after some debating pulled out some black skinny jeans and a white crop top with the words 'fuck you' in red on it. I then pulled on my red converse before pulling a brush through my hair.

I bit my lip trying not to cry out every time the brush caught a knott. Like my mum I am extremely hair sore. Once my hair was successfully de-knotted I ran to my dresser. Grabbed my phone and headphones then I put some black eyeliner on my water line to make my eyes stand out more. I then grabbed my choker and pulled it on. I stared at the black gem hanging from it. The gem had been my mums but the chain she had it on had broken. I didn't go anywhere without this necklace. It's like I always needed a piece of my mum with me.

I did a quick once over in the mirror and decided that I looked acceptable for my first day. I ran down the stairs, yanked my leather jacket off the coat stand and then on slung my backpack over my shoulders. I grabbed my keys, put my headphones in, picked up my skate board and went running out of the front door.

I followed the main road, going as fast as I could. I tried to remember the directions dad had tried to make me memorise last night because he was leaving for work early. I took the next right, speaking up. My headphones were on full blast and the singer screamed words of hatred that got my heart racing. A grin tugged at my lips as the singer sang 'if I had it my way I'd slit your throat with the knife you left in my back.'

I spotted a sign the red Deegan Devils with a picture of a devil dressed in a black and red cheerleading outfit. I rolled my eyes. I could tell I was just going to love this school.

Knowing I was close made me relax and enjoy the wind hitting my face. I revelled in the freedom speed made me feel. My music blasting into my ears combined with the wind hitting my face and the landscape flying past gave me such a rush. My heart began to beat extremely fast and my once sarcastic grin turned into a real smile that doesn't tend to happen much.

Suddenly I could see the school little Everly stood with a petite girl with golden-y hair. I couldn't see her eyes colour but she looked pretty. So my little Everly was making friends.

My grin widened into its normal wicked grin and I felt my anger rise remembering why I could have been late.

I entered the school gates going at what felt like 60 miles and hour and people stared. Everly looked shocked at my being there. I quickly jumped of my skate board and picked it up. I walked over to her, my grin promised pain and I wished I could hit her without dad loosing his shit. The girl stood next to her stopped talking and she looked shocked at my expression.

"I tried to wake you up..." Everly started but I cut her off.

"Sure you did. Good luck today Everly. You're going to need it," I finished maliciously before ripping her bag off her shoulder and emptying everything inside it out onto the floor.

She look at me shocked. I turned and began to walk away.

"You bitch," I heard her shout as I was walking away. "That was really mature Phoenix," I lifted my hand and flipped her off.

"I'm guessing that was a really mature thing to do too?" I asked rhetorically.

"Just go away," she said.

I turned and began to walk away. Everyone was staring. I hope they all decided to leave me alone. If anyone fucks with me today they are going to end up six feet under. I am not in the mood for my first day if school and I am definitely not in the mood to deal with annoying people that want to show me around.

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