Morning arrives as it always does in this house. Sunlight peeps through the gaps in my 100 percent cotton, hand stitched wildlife pattern covered curtains. Slowly I wake up to heavy lump in my chest. No wait, on my chest. What the? Then I feel a light prick on the tip of my bone-y button shaped nose.

      Lazily, I wafted it away with the flick of my wrist. Searing pain, then it crawls its way down the side of my bone defined check.

"Aww, and a good morning to you, Mr Foo."

Now fully awake, I roll over to my other side and grab my phone to check the time. Perfect timing. Exactly 6:59am.

"You've done it again. Woke me at the same time every single day for the last month. You should be proud Mr Foo." I answer his awakening with a harsh sarcastic tone. He give out a little purr, with a slight bow of his head as if to say he is happy to help. 

A quick bit of background information on Mr Foo. He's a two year old Japanese kitten. With heart-melting, soul-destroying deep aqua eyes, a light black but dark grey tinge to his fur. Obscure although beautiful pointed ears and a stubby tail.

   We, (I), adopted him after he tried to bite a chunk out of dad's leg, because he nearly step on his tail. When I say I adopted him I actually mean he adopted me. Even though he's a cat he follows me around like a dog. I nearly took him shopping once, since he somehow got it to my buckled up satchel.

After I've showered, I dry my auburn medium length hair so that it curls at the ends. I apply a thin layer of moisturizer, eye liner and mascara to bring out the blue eyes I inherited from my dad. I slip on my new uniform.

   I'm about half way down the stairs when I realise. Damn. This is America they don't have a school uniforms. Raging with anger I stomp all the back too my room. I slam my door so hard I swear I felt the tectonic plates in the earth mover. Desperately, I rip clothes from hangers, look at them for a second then throw them over my shoulder. In the end after much deliberation of about three minutes, I end up wearing skinny jeans with rips at the knee. A Ironman t-shirt but with 'Fe' ( the chemical symbol for iron) and 'man' on it and a casual suit jacket. 

Since I was now behind time and I'm going to be late for school, if I don't leave soon. I scoff down an apple, run back up stairs to collect my pre packed bag, do my teeth and grab my all black Doc Martins.

I was just about to close the door when dad stopped me,  saying that he has a surprise for me outside. He says I have to close my eyes. And 'trust' him. If history serves me correctly this is going to end well.

As I'm guided down the drive and to the gate. I moan to dad. "I'm gonna be late for my bus."

"Nearly there. SURPRISE!!"

I open my see a massive red bow attached to a vintage bike.

"Thank you so much."

"Now do don't need to get the bus." Adds Mum

"As you may have already guessed you're now sixteen," says dad stating the obvious. "Your mother and I think it's time you made your own way to school. On this bike." 

"Really, thank you."

"Now off you go before you're late." I see tears forming in his eyes.

I take off the bow and hand it mum, who by now is wiping her eyes with a tissue. Sling my bag over my back. Clip on my helmet. And leave for school.

As I pull out the gate I can hear my dad crying and mum saying that I'm all grown up. My parents have always been the sobbing type.


Fortunately, I reach school in time.  Whilst I lock up my bike I hear what seem to be a girls screeching at each other.

"Welcome to Hell." Says a girl with crystal blue eyes.

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