She knew it was bothering me. She had to know, and to be honest I rather think that the whole reason she was turning her music up was to agitate me. I clenched my jaw as Phoenix turned up her music yet again, trying to focus on the scenery that flashed before my eyes in a green blur as our car swerved along the road. I looked over to mum and dad; their expressions strained as they both tried to block out the yelling of Phoenix's music. I doubt that it could even qualify as music since all it was was a man screaming obscenities seemingly on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I resumed my stance of gazing out of the window, trying to pick out lyrics from my own music that was being drowned out by Phoenix's. As if sensing what I was thinking about Phoenix turned up her music yet again, completely blocking out mine. That was it. I turned to Phoenix with anger blazing in my bright green eyes returned in a mischievous glint in her own.

"Please turn down your music." I asked, best to start off polite as mum and dad could hear everything going on in the back. Phoenix made an exaggerated confused expression and cupped a hand to her ear; pretending that she couldn't make out what I was saying. She knew full fricking well what I was saying.

"Turn down your music." I repeated loudly.

"Huh?" Replied Phoenix with a smirk. I clenched my jaw again, I hated her. I stared up into her eyes that were a mirror of my own and with that I forcefully pulled one of her headphones out of her ear.

"I said turn. Your. Music. Down." I hissed through gritted teeth. She lifted one hand to her mouth in mock horror.

"Oh no! Whatever shall I do! Little Everly pulled my headphone out, things will never be the same." She said jokingly, but I could see in her eyes malicious intent.

"Girls." Dad warned from the driver's seat.

Phoenix payed no attention to his warning nor his tone of voice and proceeded to poke fun at me.

"If you don't like my music then maybe you should just get out the car." Phoenix taunted, suddenly serious.

"I didn't say I wanted to be in the car in the first place, let alone say I wanted to be anywhere near the likes of you." I retorted.

"Oh the likes of me? What do you mean exactly by that?" Phoenix fired back with a glare.

"Anyone who listens to someone screaming about how they hate everyone and everything and calls that 'music'."

"Like I said, maybe if you didn't want to listen you should get out the car." She said with her voice raised.

"Maybe I wouldn't be in the car if we didn't have to move!" I said louder.


"I CAN'T BECAUSE YOU BUR-!" I yelled when Dad interrupted mid-sentence, "GIRLS!" We whipped our gazes away from each other to focus on Dad simultaneously. Our reflections mirrored back to us in his eyes. My sister and I looked startling the same on the outside aside from our hair; hers was jet black whilst mine was dark, chocolate brown, yet our personalities were at completely different end of the scale.

"Stop arguing. Both of you turn off your music." He stated with cool clarity then proceeded to turn to face Mum for a second. Phoenix and I watched in horror as they gave each other 'The Look.' Crap. Now we were in for it. 'The Look' could take place in a second, so fast that you could rarely see it take place, however Phoenix and I were fine tuned to spotting in by now due to our past experiences. 'The Look' was never, ever a good thing. We waited, silently, for the consequences of the brief exchange.

Dad pulled over to the side of the narrow road. He sighed and turned round to face us, an apprehensive expression etched onto his face. This couldn't be good.

Dad began to speak again, "As you know we are going to be moving into a fairly big new house, you may choose your own rooms when you arrive, however, seeing as you two are so incredibly childish it looks like until both of your behaviours improve you will be staying in the very smallest bedroom. Together."

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