The trees flew by in a flurry of green and brown. A smile graced my lips when my new favourite song begins to blast through my earphones. It's so loud that I know everyone in the car can hear it and my smile grows; I know it's annoying them.

I looked into the rear view mirror at my dad. His black hair is cut short and his green eyes shine brightly. Every now and then he glances towards the step monster to check she's not dead. Her brown hair had been straightened and her brown eyes were closed as she tried to get some rest.

My half sister sat next to me staring out of her window. She looks just like her mum (step monster) a part from the fact she has dads eyes. I wish I could say she's not pretty but I'd be lying. Her slightly round face and wide eyes make her seem innocent and her smile is soft and kind. Fake. She is fake.

I have to hand it to her though. She has our parents fooled. They worship the ground she walks on as if the sun shines out of her arse. Me on the other hand, well they aren't as fond of me. It may have something to do with the fact that my whole school burned down and I was found nearby with a lighter in my pocket. This is why we have moved.

I love that I look like my mum. I have the same defined jaw and dark pouty lips. I have the same high cheekbones and though my green eyes match my half sisters and my dads but instead of being light and tinted with humour, my eyes are intense. I love that they are so green they practically glow and my jet black hair falls in waves down to my lower back.

Suddenly my sister turned to me. I couldn't hear what she was saying because my music was too loud but I knew she was telling me to turn it down. I just shrugged my shoulders and pretended I couldn't hear her.

She did it again and I replied with "Huh?" Suddenly she pulled my headphone out. Now I was pissed. No one messed with my music.

"I said turn your music down," she hissed at me. Bitch.

"Oh no. Little Everly pulled my headphone out. Nothing will ever be the same again!" I exaggerated to annoy her.

"Girls." Dad warned from the driver's seat.

I paid no attention to his warning and flashed my sister a grin. I loved getting her riled up so that's what I was going to do.

"If you don't like my music then maybe you should just get out of the car," I taunted with my signature grin.

"I didn't say I wanted to be in the car in the first place, let alone say I wanted to be anywhere near the likes of you." She retorted, her eyes hard. The likes of me? What the bloody hell does that mean?

"Oh the likes of me? What do you mean exactly by that?" I fired back with a glare.

"Anyone who listens to someone screaming about how they hate everyone and everything and calls that 'music'." She replied with a grin that lit a rage in me.

"Like I said, maybe if you didn't want to listen you should get out the car." I answered as calmly as I could. If she wasn't going to get out of the car willingly then i was going to push her out.

"Maybe I wouldn't be in the car if we didn't have to move!" She all but shouted at me.


"I CAN'T BECAUSE YOU BUR-!" She began to shout but got cut off by my dad. "GIRLS!" His voice shook me to my core. "Stop arguing. Both of you turn off your music." He ordered and we both did as he said.


"We are here."

'Welcome to Deegan. Population 1243' I stared in horror at the sign we drove past.

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