~~~~~Misty pov~~~~~

I watched Rae Rae walk down the road until I couldn't see her anymore.Turning around I began to walk, well glide, back up the drive, my dream still playing in the back of my head. I don't think it was a dream though........ more like a vision.

It had started before Rae Rae woke up this morning, the vision, it wasn't that weird for me because I was used to having my ghost vision stuff. This one was different somehow though. It was strange compared to the ones I usually have about like the other lost souls trapped here on earth and since I was one of the most powerful of seeing spirits it was my job to look out for them. My visions mostly show people with unfinished business in their past lives- the ones who hadn't completed their destinies yet.

I sat on the edge of Rae Rae's bed trying to get back into the vision. This was always very difficult returning to a vision that I had gotten out of. I scrunched up my eyes trying to remember when the vision flooded back into my mind.










Then I was kicked back out of the vision. Being kicked out of a vision wasn't something that had happened before. Most times it was as simple as letting a soul say goodbye to someone, but not this one... What was the shouting? And why was everything so unclear?

Standing up I went to get something from a drawer. I got some chalk and started to draw symbols on Rae Rae's floor... I'd clean up before she got home from her first back at school. These symbols were supposed to help with remembering and connecting with the spirits in limbo. I sat in the middle of the circle and tried again.

It was a lot clearer.

There was a man running through a wood.
He was running very fast.
So fast that he flew past the trees in an instant.
I couldn't tell if he was running to or from something.
I knew he was shouting, but he was too far away for me to be able to hear what he was saying.
His expression was somewhere between shock and... pain?

That's when I saw it.
There was something else here with us.

Oh not now! I was losing connection to the vision. The trees shook as I tried to stay in the vision, my hands curled into fists with the mental effort.


I was a lot closer to the man now.
He was still running furiously.
Something moved within the tree line.
It was almost as big as him.
It was a lot slower than the man but was moving towards him at a steady pace.
I moved too, trying to catch up with them both.
I could hear, faintly, the mans' voice but he was too far away to tell what he was shouting.

Then I realised.
He was running towards where I had last seen movement.
I had to do something.
But how could I stop him?!?
My mind raced thinking of things to help him but it was soon too late as we all approached a clearing.

He seemed to slow down.
Had he only just realised that instead of running from the thing in the woods he had run directly into it?
I remained hidden behind some trees making as little sound as I could.

The man stood trying to regain his breath, watching a point between two trees across from where I was hiding.
That's when I saw it.
Tall and unkempt it moved slowly towards the man.
It's stance was unfamiliar and disfigured slightly.

That's when the man spoke.


The man rushed towards the Lieutenant, holding him in a warm embrace.
Both were smiling- tears of joy streaming down each of their faces.

"Do you remember when I told you about destinies?" Said the Lieutenant.


"Well this is ours..."

And without another word their souls began to softly glow and drift upwards towards heaven. Their destinies were complete: my job here done.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

~evil strikes again

*Forrest x Lieutenant fanfic*


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