A New Journey(Karuizawa Kei)

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"What do you want?"


I replied to him from the living room.

Currently, I was in Kiyotaka's room and watching TV.

Today was another one of our secret dates.

After a while, he came with two cups in his hand and placed one in front of me.

"Thank you."

I lifted the glass and started drinking.




I was sitting in his bed with my back rested on the wall.

After finishing the drink, he went to the kitchen to do the cleanings.

I had offered him to help but he had turned me down saying that he couldn't possibly allow his girlfriend to work.

Hearing it made me obviously happy and embarrassed as well.

He always said things like that which was bad for my heart.

I will take revenge, Kiyotaka.

"Here, here."

I patted the place beside me and urged him to sit there.

Without saying anything he came and sat down there.

I liked how he did even the simplest things I wanted without any debate.

I slowly shifted myself and cuddled up to him.

His smell made its way to my nose and I almost inhaled a deep breath.


I couldn't help but yell at the sudden development.

Just as I cuddled up to him, he wrapped his strong arms around my body, pulling me even closer and embracing me tightly.

I had cuddled up to him to make him a bit embarrassed and take my revenge but he had turned the tables on me.

I could feel his warmth. Although it was cold outside I felt warm in his clutches

This is no time to be enjoying, Kei! You've gotta do something!

Don't worry I will have another chance.

Still in his embrace, I thought about what I should do.

A sudden idea occurred to me.

I was embarrassed. Yes really, really embarrassed. But this was the only way I can win against Kiyotaka.

Resolving myself, I called out to him.




I kissed him.

After our lips parted I looked at him.

He had the same calm and poker face as always but I knew he was surprised.

I could tell just by looking at his eyes.

I managed to win this time!

I assumed a victory pose, of course, I didn't do it in reality.

I lowered my head and latched onto his chest.

I myself was embarrassed. So, I couldn't bring myself to look at him too much.

Silence settled for a while until he eventually called out to me.



It had been about more than six months since we had started dating but I was still not used to him calling me Kei.

Why does my heart skip a bit every time he calls my name? Get used to it already my damn heart!!

I slowly looked up and "Mhhmm."

He kissed me!


What?! What?! What?!

He kissed me! And it was a long one at that!

The taste of the coffee he drank earlier was still in my mouth.

I felt happy, embarrassed, and frustrated at the same time.

I was happy that he kissed me. Everyone would be happy if the person they liked kissed them. I was the same.

But I was frustrated that I lost. With that single move, he had again turned the tables on me. 

I gave up. I knew that I won't be able to win against him.

Damn it!


I told you already to get used to it. Listen to me, will ya, my damn heart!

I slowly looked up at him.

"Happy New Year."


I then watched at the clock and it had already struck 12.

"Happy New Year, Kiyotaka."

"Please take care of me this year as well."

He nodded and I pressed my head against his chest and in return he tightened his embrace.

We were going to be third years later this year.

Without a doubt, it will be very difficult and we will have to fight against other classes.

The final year of our high school was about to begin and it also meant that the road ahead was going to be very difficult and challenging.

But, no matter what lies ahead, what the future has in store for me, I will fight.

I will continue to move ahead as long as he was by my side.

The only thing I wish is that he will be by my side always.

New year, a new start. It meant we were going to embark on a new journey.

But that didn't mean much to me.

What mattered the most was that I was going to spend another year with the person, the dearest to me.

I submitted myself completely to him and was now in his lap.

He gently patted my head.

I continued to feel his warmth that comforted every ounce of my body.

I was so entranced by his warmth that I didn't even realize when I had fallen asleep in his lap.

But I still remembered the last thing Kiyotaka said before I fell asleep.

"I love you, Kei."

"Me too. I love you too, Kiyotaka."


Happy New Year. Kinugasa here(though it's just an alias I used from the original author). Thank you for reading my SSs and supporting me. I look forward to another year with you all! 

Hope this new year may bring peace and prosperity to you and your family. And don't forget to keep supporting Youzitsu!!

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