Karuizawa Kei SS

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"Damn it! I can't think anything at all!"

Clutching my hair with my own two hands, I wailed inside my room.

It had been quite some time that we had been dating but it was still a secret. We had decided to keep our relationship a secret from others. It was something that I insisted and he agreed on.

But I don't wanna keep this relationship a secret any longer.

The first reason was, that I wanted to go out with him in broad daylight and enjoy my time with my boyfriend however I wanted.

And the second was that I wanted to ward off those girls, especially Ichinose-san and Shiina-san. I have seen the two of them tryin' to get all close to him and I felt jealous. I wanted to keep him all for myself and that was why I had decided to make our relationship public.

I told about that to Kiyotaka and he agreed immediately.

Since I was the one who had wanted to keep our relationship a secret from the others, I had told him that I would try to think about how exactly to make our relationship public.

I wasn't getting anywhere with that, resulting in my current situation.

How should I make my relationship public without garnering much attention from others?

We couldn't suddenly go like; "Oh, sorry for not telling you. But we have been dating all this while!"

That was a no go.

I had tried of thinking many ways but none managed to convince me.

I looked at the clock and it was already time for school.

I hurriedly got ready for the school and left the dorms.

"Happy Birthday, Karuizawa-san!"

The moment I reached the classroom, my friends bombarded me with birthday wishes.

Today was March 8, which meant, my birthday.

Although I had some things going on in my head, I couldn't possibly let it show on my face.

Because for me it meant showing my weaknesses to them, which I couldn't afford as the leader of the girls in the class.

Everyone in the class wished me, including Hirata.

"Happy Birthday, Kei."

"T-Thank you!"

My voice was clumsily high, although I didn't intend to.

Of course, I would be surprised if he pops out of nowhere and talks to me like that.

Those who had wished me slowly went to their seats but for some reason Kiyotaka stood before me, completely unmoving.

What? Does he have something else to say?

He was looking at me and I felt as if he had made his mind for something.

Wait. Could he be planning to give me a gift in front of the whole class?!

Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I definitely was looking forward to getting a gift from him but not in front of all these people.

No way. I haven't prepared mentally for it.

I remembered the gift that he had given me the last time.

What if he gives me something like that?

But it took but a moment to prove that what I was thinking was all but wrong.

What he said next was something that I could have never ever imagined.

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