*Christmas Special*

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Just a warning: I'm including characters that they haven't met or have a different attitude towards beforehand. Don't worry about this ruining the plot, think of it like an OVA ep ^.^


Me, Patti, Liz, Maka and Tsubaki were walking together on the hunt for presents. Problem is...finding presents it kinda hard at this time of year...

"WHY ARE THERE NO SHOPS OPEN?!" I screamed out in the snowy streets of Death City.


Liz sighed at her younger sister, her breath coming out in faint white clouds, holding her overly warm coat even closer to keep the cold out. "Patti, Luna, please keep your voices down, people are staring!" She hissed at us while trying to make it seem like she didn't us at all.

Tsubaki giggled at our childish behaviour. "Can you really blame them? Christmas is a fun holiday for everyone..." She paused and put her index finger on her chin while looking up, making her look even more innocent than she already does. "Though, I wish that we hadn't waited until the day before Christmas to buy presents...I hope what I saw the other day is still for sale..."

"What was it?" I asked curiously.

"I was hoping to get a picture frame...so that I could put a picture of us together..." She quickly looked down, using her hair as a shield but I managed to see the slight colour of pink. My smile lit up like a 1000 watt bulb.

"Aww, how cute!" I gushed, pinching her cheek. I gasped as I ran my hand on her cheek again. "Your skin is so smooth! Wow, it's like touching the finest of silk!" I admired. She looked at me weirdly but then shrugged as she remembered how strange I could get.

"Um, thanks, I guess..."

I beamed at her. "Your welcome!"

"OH, MY GOD, LUNA! A SHOP IS OPEN!" Patti screeched from somewhere far in front of all of us.

My eyes widened in surprise. "WHAT?! WHERE?!" I screamed back.

"DOWN HERE!" She replied.

Then, as if I was Speedy Gonzales, I shot forward and smiled when Tsubaki, Maka and Liz gave me surprised looks. I reached Patti to find her jumping up and down, not looking the least bit cold as she did not wear a coat...but only a red onesie.

"SEE!" I covered my ears from how loud her voice was and looked to where she was pointing. And, this may come as a shock to you, she was right; a shop was indeed open, with Christmas lights and decorations to boot.

Both me and Patti screamed as we raced into the shop. When we came inside though, we stood stock still. This. Place. Was Huge. The smiles on our faces couldn't be any bigger as we could tell from just one glance that this shop had everything!

Before Liz, Maka or Tsubaki could notice, me and Patti shot off deeper in the shop, feasting our eyes on the glorious wonderland that is this shop.

Maka, although the youngest one out of us all, acted with the authority of an adult. "You guys! Come back here, we need to sort out a meeting place."

Patti screamed out, "CATCH US IF YOU CAN!" Then ran so fast that all I saw was a blur passing me.

I whistled and put my hand over my eyebrows. "And there she goes!" I said out loud. I heard Maka sigh and suddenly felt bad. I walked back to the entrance where everyone else was standing. I smiled sheepishly under Maka's glare.

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