Teach Me How To Kiss

Mia Harper is a 19 year old girl on her summer break from college. She is very shy and self conscious about her body and the way she looks making it impossible for her to interact intimately with the opposite sex. She is also still a virgin in more ways than one when it comes to that subject and her best friend Lauren wants to change that. When Lauren takes Mia to Virginia Beach to spend the summer at her parents villa the both of them cross paths with two handsome strangers. See what happens when one of the two handsome strangers takes a liking to Mia and teaches her things she never expected. Read to find out what happens See what happens to Mia
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Hey plz update soon the story is going really good right now and I'm dying to read what happens next
Hey can you please please finish this book?ive been reading it and I got to the "to be continued" part.but I really wanna finish it
i love this book. i have just started writing this book you guys should check it out and see if you like it vote and comment its called you again!
I love this book!! Can you please update soon I can't wait to see what happens next!!
Mia's picture doesn't show up :( I like the beginning this book is gonna end up awesome
A few grammatical errors, like with capital letters and punctuation marks but this is really good!

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