The Drug In Me Is You (Ronnie Radke Love Story) [COMPLETED]

Ari Vincent is the little sister of Jacky Vincent from Falling in Reverse. What will happen when she moves out of her moms house and moves into a huge mansion with her brother and the rest of Falling in Reverse. How will things play out when she finds herself falling for Ronnie Radke? READ TO FIND OUT :D Thanks to SmuttMuffin for the AWESOME chapter
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For all you people that are bitching about it, screamo actually is a genre of music so shut your whiny ass mouths
I'd say your going a bit too cliche, your coming on a bit strong for my likening.
you dont have to be in a different country to have an accent it runs in genetics(genes)
What's weird is you basically just described my physical features, & I'm 50% Native American, & 50% Italian...
Um my only problem was that you called post-hardcore music "screamo". Which really pissed me off so I stopped reading the book.
NOOOO He is 50% Native American and 50% Italian but he was born in the UK and didn't leave until he was 2 so he has a British accent

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