The Drug In Me Is You (Ronnie Radke Love Story) [COMPLETED]

Ari Vincent is the little sister of Jacky Vincent from Falling in Reverse. What will happen when she moves out of her moms house and moves into a huge mansion with her brother and the rest of Falling in Reverse. How will things play out when she finds herself falling for Ronnie Radke? READ TO FIND OUT :D Thanks to SmuttMuffin for the AWESOME chapter
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you dont have to be in a different country to have an accent it runs in genetics(genes)
What's weird is you basically just described my physical features, & I'm 50% Native American, & 50% Italian...
Um my only problem was that you called post-hardcore music "screamo". Which really pissed me off so I stopped reading the book.
NOOOO He is 50% Native American and 50% Italian but he was born in the UK and didn't leave until he was 2 so he has a British accent
Soooo while jacky is British she's Native American and Italian? Makes real sense.
Why are half no make that three fourths of the books on Wattpad are written by you

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