Not So Hidden Desire

Katie is a 31 year old elementary school teacher who doesn't like to be told what to do. Owen is the typical 32 year old, he's a man but the child still comes out full force at times. Owen comes back to town without telling Katie, and is currently working as a nurse in the ER. Katie loves Owen, and Owen loves Katie but who will make the first move between these two best friends. Will fate bring them together or push them apart
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that happened to me. its not a pleasant feeling. i was born with the curse of being a klutz. i love this story because its aweeeesoooome. four thumbs up
woah! cool! lol haha
So funny I'm into with my bestfriend too.. and he's leaving me too, but I wish We'll end up like that! lol
I am reading the whole book through and with such good writing, editing and storyline it's a delight in store Thank You! Voted
Entertaining and a pretty decent flow. :) I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
I like all the description and drama you put into the first chapter.  I think it is a pretty good story so far.
what happen did she like.depresse right now

does this.story have a second book..

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