How I Fell For Death (Myths Finding Love #2)

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(Sequel to How to be a Queen) Aerith and Hades already have their fairytale ending. They’ve also been blessed with twins: Aidon and Aurea. I’m Aurea by the way and this is my story. When I was born, the Fates declared that me and my brother will live a difficult life. And I guess they were right for we were both born with no powers.

	We were two new immortals who cannot be a god and a goddess for we had no powers. Is this a curse? Nah. Maybe we were just born this way or maybe we were just late bloomers? I sure hope so. Oh, one more thing. When my brother and I turned eighteen, the Three Fates came to our party and allowed us each a question. Being a naive little girl, I asked. “Who will I share eternity with?” They answered with: “You are meant for death.”

	Well what did they mean with that? Am I meant to die? Will I ever get my powers? Will I ever find someone who’ll love me? Will I get the fairytale ending my parents have?
what about her brother?? and why do i have this feeling that her mate is Thanatos?
I love your first story, I could not put it down!!!!!  XD I can't wait to finish reading this one. Your writing is fabulous
I feel like her mate is to be Thanatos. Man I hope I'm correct cause he seems so lonely! :(
Absolutly loved this book! Cant wait till the last one is finished so i can read it :) 5 out of 5 masks! Tweeted @missmask13
Just finished reading Hades' and Aerith's story. It only took me 2-3 days hahaha still can't get enough! I'm really excited for this sequel, the prologue looks interesting!!!! I'm gonna read it NOW. Pronto!!! PS: I love how you "weave" the character's story and for that thank you :)))
Oh im dying! Awesome! Im picturing death in book one and the sweet little girl, oh the frown on his face when he learns who she will be to him :) love it