Warriors: The Six Clans (EDITING ATM)

From the story: With a paw on Petalpaw, Leaftail aimed for her throat, getting ready for a killing bite. "B-but I'm your sister!" Petalpaw begged."We have the same blood in us!" "Blood is not important. Loyalty is the most important," Leaftail replied with no sympathy. With a slice on Petalpaw's thoart, Petalpaw went limped. "Leaftail!" Blossompaw shouted as she ran towards Leafpaw. "You had just killed our own sister!" "No, she is not my sister," Leaftail mewed. "She had disowned me. And I had disowned her". Description: "WITH THE POOL OF WOOD AND THE BLOOMING BLOSSOM, YOU AND THREE OTHER CATS FROM WATERCLAN WILL FIND THUNDER, WIND, SHADOW AND RIVER." Six cats from Plantclan and Waterclan found out that there are still four other clans. Thus, the two clan began their journey to find the clans. They would meet with danger, but would they survive? This is a story of loyalty, trust, and betrayal. ***WATTY AWARDS PLEASE VOTE!!!***
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it's kinda like the warriors it even has BloodClan bone used to be the deputy before he was killed by a group of apprentices
I need 4 followers to make a new chapter in my book Fighters: a warriors story. So please read and follow!
Dont know if i am but if i do,it will be called...........warriors:the last life
Chillfrost of Waterclan? She-cat :D Silver she-cat with white and faint silver stripes down tail and body
Is this at the same time as the 'The New Prophecy' or the original series? It sounds interesting, and I love Warrior Cats!
uhh..just wondering...is Ruthpaw  and Violetpelt also your real friend?
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