Colour Me Slytherin - A Draco Malfoy Story

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Alice Smat is a girl from Canada, who was forced to go to Hogwarts in the start of her fifth year, when her parents were recruited by the ministry to become Aurors. The last thing she expects is to fall in love.
*voldemort on the wrecking ball* I CAME IN LIKE A DAAAARK LORD!
Omg so cool I need to visit this place :) I live Minnesota :):):)land of ten thousands lakes :):):):):):)
Fun Factoid! Wattpad has an office in downtown Toronto! I know this cuz I live in Toronto. :)
Sorry but I have to do this," I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!"
ISLAND?!?! Malfoy you had better check your facts. Canada is one of the biggest land masses second to only Russia. *Proud Canadian right here*
Lovin the story so far....but also kinda confused, but not because the 2 pov, but because of the wording of it :T