Jordan (Venturian) X Reader ||Republishing|| by candyloverpup
Jordan (Venturian) X Reader ||Repu... by Riley Fanfiction
Paula Frye and her bestfriend Marrissa Anderson were both just going and hanging out. (Like bestfriends do) Coincidentally, they were both pregnant. While they were out...
This Isn't A Game Anymore (VenturianTale fan fiction) by MoonlightDragon
This Isn't A Game Anymore (Venturi... by skeleton space warrior Fanfiction
When the VenturianTale crew finds an old computer that they accidentally break, it opens a world that they never knew existed: their own. From Gmod to Minecraft, they mu...
VenturianTale Crack by LarryDaCat
VenturianTale Crack by Larry Da' Cat! Fanfiction
Missing Johnny Toast: A Jimmy Casket Fanfiction (Venturiantale) by OerbaYunFang
Missing Johnny Toast: A Jimmy Cask... by OerbaYunFang Fanfiction
Young journalist Cynthia Aniston hasn't seen Johnny Ghost in years, seemingly of his own accord. But with the mysterious disappearance of his parter, Johnny Toast, Cynth...
Brothers || Venturiantale by Pugrug1423
Brothers || Venturiantale by Pug Fanfiction
Hold on to the ones you love, they'll be gone before you know it...
venturiantale oneshots  by sarabelle2000
venturiantale oneshots by spoopy sara Fanfiction
My venturiantale membership in flames. With some oneshots
Venturiantale Stuff by eeveelover37
Venturiantale Stuff by eevee Fanfiction
This is my compilation of oneshots/unfinished fics for Venturiantale! Most of these are P.I.E. (more like all tbh) Some include those Platonic Bros TM (there are only li...
A Tale of Venture (Venturiantale Story) by FunSonica
A Tale of Venture (Venturiantale S... by FunSonica Fanfiction
The Fyres, like always, are playing Gmod together, acting out a huge adventure for P.I.E. But, they soon find out there's something much more terrifying than Isaac being...
G-Mod & Book Club (VenturianTale Fan Fic) by theorbess540
G-Mod & Book Club (VenturianTale F... by theorbess540 Fanfiction
An evil book club has decided to get rid of all the YouTubers in the World because nobody is joining their book club. So they create a mod that sucks people into G-Mod...
Stuck (Venturiantale) by TinyBitBroken
Stuck (Venturiantale) by Bria Fanfiction
Rowan didn't expect her life to change when she clicked on Venturiantale's latest video, but it did. Somehow the entire Acachalla family ended up in the real world!
Love Kills : A Jimmy Casket X Reader X Johnny Ghost Fanfiction by BlackeningStone
Love Kills : A Jimmy Casket X Read... by BlackeningStone Fanfiction
Jimmy casket...the infamous killer is a merciless killer who will do anything to quench his thirst for blood, but what happens when a certain girl has quench said thirs...
We Met Over Kik (A Ventiplier Story) by SkyeNightFury
We Met Over Kik (A Ventiplier Stor... by This is so gay Fanfiction
DISCONTINUED "who is this?" "I don't know, who are you?" a new ship I created. Venturian x Markiplier. Enjoy this trash I know that someone made a st...
JordanFryeXReader *Finished* by SweetHeart14_VTfan
JordanFryeXReader *Finished* by WeirdAtHeart_VTfan Random
This is a story about a girl named Y/N and this is a story about her life and how she meet the VT crew. I hope you enjoy this book and this is my first story to do so do...
Broken Memories {P.I.E.'s Johnny Ghost and Jimmy Casket} by MysticWarrior34
Broken Memories {P.I.E.'s Johnny G... by MysticWarrior34 Fanfiction
Johnny Ghost is a Paranormal Investigator who works for the P.I.E Association. His past is mostly unknown to others and even himself. But one night, something's brewing...
Jimmy Casket's Secret. by AquaDash
Jimmy Casket's Secret. by Addison Fanfiction
This is a fanfic I made 100% out of pure ideas. This story is about how The 4 Venturian siblings play murder on g-mod and it gets a bit intense. In fact, so intense that...
[DISCONTINUED] VenturianTales #2: Stab, Stab, Stab! (VT x Reader) by KitKatThePaladin
[DISCONTINUED] VenturianTales #2:... by Cool Kid™ Fanfiction
WARNING: This is a sequel. The plot contains spoilers. If you have not read the first book, and do not wish for it to be spoiled, DO NOT read any further. *** It's been...
Ventalia by LarryDaCat
Ventalia by Larry Da' Cat! Fanfiction
(VenturianTale and Hetalia fanfic) (Title based off a deviant art club) Fangirls, I hope I am currently making you squeal. :D It was an ordinary day for Italy. He was cr...
The Great Adventure (A Venturiantale Tale) by TheRabbitWolf
The Great Adventure (A Venturianta... by TheGhostlyToaster Random
Everything gets turned upside down for the Venturiantale crew, as they get sent into the G-mod universe! They meet their characters, get into some crazy hijinx, and fa...
Venturiantale Stories  by spicy_supercat_sfa
Venturiantale Stories by SC Humor
I have found so many funny venturiantale pics and decide to make story like scripts to go with them . Comedy . Leave a like , leave a comment , and I'll see u next time...
Venturiantales Bigger Adventure by brainmuncher03
Venturiantales Bigger Adventure by ~ <3 Kattie Q. Fanfiction
They went inside, why dont the characters go outside? But what about Jordan? Whats going on with him? Why is everything happening in the first place? Find out in Part tw...