Sons Of Fright (Ghost X Toast) (VenturianTale) by YourQueenJenn
Sons Of Fright (Ghost X Toast) ( ImVerySadRn
Warning! This story is basically a culmination of all of my negative feelings and my love for gay ships! Viewer discretion is highly advised! Johnny Ghost and Johnn...
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A Demigod Tale  by PrincessJadea
A Demigod Tale by Jadea Summers
Jordan had a semi-normal life. He was a famous YouTuber, but other than that he was pretty normal. That is, until he was attacked. Attacked by a monster. After that, eve...
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Operation: Separate (A VenturianTale Fanfiction) by YourQueenJenn
Operation: Separate (A ImVerySadRn
Johnny Ghost is tired of putting up with his murderous alter ego, Jimmy Casket. One day, a mysterious doctor offers to separate the two personalities​ via a strange oper...
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Love Kills : A Jimmy Casket X Reader X Johnny Ghost Fanfiction by BlackeningStone
Love Kills : A Jimmy Casket X BlackeningStone
(GOING THROUGH MAJOR EDITING) Jimmy casket...the infamous killer is a merciless killer who will do anything to quench his thirst for blood, but what happens when a cert...
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venturiantale oneshots  by sarabelle2000
venturiantale oneshots by sara
My venturiantale membership in flames. With some oneshots
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Trapdoor (A Jimmy Casket Fanfiction) by AmicusMohalo
Trapdoor (A Jimmy Casket #Buckybonding
I know, I know. Another Jimmy Casket story. There are MILLIONS of them... but there never seems to be enough. So this is a story I'm making to get through my writers blo...
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[DISCONTINUED] VenturianTales #2: Stab, Stab, Stab! (VT x Reader) by KitKatLovesLattes
[DISCONTINUED] VenturianTales Cool Kid™
WARNING: This is a sequel. The plot contains spoilers. If you have not read the first book, and do not wish for it to be spoiled, DO NOT read any further. *** It's been...
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Venturiantale's big adventure by brainmuncher03
Venturiantale's big adventureby ~ <3 Kattie Q.
This is just me when i'm bored with nothing to do okay! xD and if i have the awful writers block, i clear a few ideas that are useless in that story to here! yay? i have...
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The P.I.E Rises (Venturiantale) by TheChocolateArmor
The P.I.E Rises (Venturiantale)by Zenna
Here's a question for all you Venturiantale fans. What if the Fryes were trapped inside their own digital universe? What if they teamed up with their own characters to s...
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VentutianTale Short Stories/AU's/Songs by BloodyWolfCGirl12
VentutianTale Short Stories/AU's/ Wolf
Just some small stories, songs, and AU's that have come to my mind. ^^
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Venturiantale Stories ⭐ by spicy_supercat_sfa
Venturiantale Stories ⭐by Supercat
(Warning : This book was written by me when I first joined like, 2 years ago, so the writing in some of them May suck. It gets better though.) <~Requests are closed...
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Venturian x Reader Venturiantale fanfiction! by Magnetic_Tiger
Venturian x Reader Venturiantale Natalie
The YouTube Channel, Venturiantale, has always been one of your favorites... Mostly since Venturian, or Jordan, the leader of the group, is a total hunk! ❤ You watched h...
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VenturianTale One-Shots by Android108
VenturianTale One-Shotsby Vanessa M. Haugh
one shots. requests wanted. sooo bored.
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Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast Story of their lives. by EVERS2002
Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast EVERS2002
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If Only You Knew (Johnny Ghost X Johnny Toast) by Liv_TheUnicorn
If Only You Knew (Johnny Ghost X Lyn Laurens
*THIS TAKES PLACE BEFORE GHOST'S RETIREMENT* Ghost has always liked Toast in a more than best friends way. Ghost has never really had the courage to tell him and then wh...
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My superman (Jordan/Venturian X Reader) by Dun_and_Tylerd
My superman (Jordan/Venturian X AutisticTit
⚠️I'm not continuing this book, I've done all I can⚠️
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Love and Games Jordan (VenturianTale) x Reader by AnimeKnight21
Love and Games Jordan ( AnimeKnight21
When Jordan meets you what will happen? How will your life change? What bumps will you face? Only time will tell now
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Together (A Venturiantale Zombie fanfiction) by raeleinairish
Together (A Venturiantale Zombie Raelein Airish
Jordan Frye. Christian. Gamer. Youtuber. Him and his three younger siblings are happy as can be and are grateful to be blessed with a good life. Dawn Adams. Non-believer...
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VenturianTale One-Shots (Requests Open) by kittykatruler
VenturianTale One-Shots ( broken
Yas!!! All of my followers probably saw this coming, and to new readers: enjoy! And I DO take requests!!
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Extraordinary: A VenturianTale P.I.E fanfiction by PikaDigiYolo
Extraordinary: A VenturianTale PikaDigiYolo
Not a lot of significant paranormal action has been occurring in Little Butts North Carolina. This naturally means that things are a little too calm for P.I.E. Aside fro...
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