Atomicbomb Stories

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Parallel | ONC 2020 by lepus_leporis
Parallel | ONC 2020by Lepus
The world ends at 10:43am. February 12, 1950: an atomic bomb hits central Pennsylvania. All life for miles is wiped out. Except for, somehow, Alexander Dombkowski, who h...
Forged In Fire: Stories of wartime Japan by alexibonsson
Forged In Fire: Stories of AlexiaMontibon-Larsson
Forged In Fire is the true story of a young girl's childhood in pre-WW II Tokyo; her schoolgirl dreams; the violence, starvation and desperation of wartime that drove he...
The Atlas Bomb | Male Reader x RWBY AU by nvanvjjnaivdnaivn
The Atlas Bomb | Male Reader x idk
With the peace treaty of the Great War having put a stop to the kingdoms fighting, it was only inevitable that warfare would rise again. This time, the technology is bet...
Fallout 4 oneshots  by yanazuki1
Fallout 4 oneshots by Kermit
**REQUESTS OPEN** I am willing to RP in DM, write any ships (I'm rusty because I just joined the fandom a few months ago 😂), reverse bang (write out scenes from pictur...
Atomic bomb  by viltricide
Atomic bomb by Jack
Just one out of the ordinary teenager, little does he know, he's about to save the world!
Remnant's Balance  by RyanJersey
Remnant's Balance by Ryan Jersey
A spin off Sequel to the God Trilogy (Speed, War and Wrath of the Gods). This one will be dealing with the son of Y/N, Aego, who recently obtained new power from the rad...
The Russian Spy by SMP105
The Russian Spyby SantMan
#2 IN ATOMIC-BOMB 3/AUGUST/2019 ThIs story is set in the 1950s when a Russian spy will get a mission with atomic bombs in the USA. She will have major difficulties that...
Augustus Grant & the Lost Temple of Mohenjodaro by CharlesMoffat
Augustus Grant & the Lost Temple CharlesMoffat
CIA operative / archaeologist Augustus Grant fights Nazis in a race to find ancient Indian sutra scrolls in an effort to beat the Germans to building a working atomic bo...
How the World Became Shit (Slow Updates) by freestyle_dancer0115
How the World Became Shit (Slow Charisma Charms
A storm. An unexpected bomb testing. A virus that begins to spread, causing the dead to feed on living flesh. No one knows what happened nor would one want to know why...
Stell dir vor es wäre Krieg und keiner geht hin by BlackRoseSoulX
Stell dir vor es wäre Krieg und BlackRoseSoulX
- Die Gedanken eines Mädchens aus dem Jahre 2117-
A Burnt Red Thread by DevilHaato
A Burnt Red Threadby DebiruHaato
[One-shot] Mates are destined to meet, they are connected by a red thread. Until death do they part-- and death do them apart. A trainee soldier and a poor girl in thei...
Atomic by CHARmander_123
Atomicby CHARmander_123
One woman is alone in a atomic wasteland, or is she?
A Time to Be Born by Rylansato
A Time to Be Bornby Rylansato
At the insistence of their grandfather, Ichiro Sakurai and his sister Kanon travel to Onagawa in Miyagi Prefecture to search for a cave in the mountain that has no name...
The Man Made Sun by TheUnknownSoulWriter
The Man Made Sunby TheUnknownSoulWriter
Just a short story i made for class years ago, its about the Bombing of Nagasaki from the point of veiw of bombardier and a person on the ground
The Project by jesmpayne
The Projectby Jessica Payne
In this Post-Apocalyptic short story, follow Laurence as she tries to document the radioactive decay process and gets a little more than she bargained for.
Devastation by Sergmaster20
Devastationby Sergio Solorio
What would you do in the event of an atomic war? Nuclear Energy Scientist Professor Gates is in much preparation. Travel alongside with him as he meets new survivors a...
After [10-2-2009] by AlexxxisElizabeth
After [10-2-2009]by Alexis Elizabeth
After [10-2-2009]. A poem about the apocalypse. End of times. Nuclear war.