Broken and Put Back Together (Garnet X Gem!reader)  by wolftali
Broken and Put Back Together (Garn... by Wolfe Fanfiction
(Before I tell you the description this is heavily inspired by a variety of other fanfictions I have read but I promise I am not 'copying' some plot ideas have just jumb...
Steven Universe Pics Book 6 by CuteMikeyKitty
Steven Universe Pics Book 6 by ~Practice patience like a tru... Random
Here's Book six to my Steven Universe Pics! I don't own any of these pics! This includes pics of ships! This will be the last Steven Universe Pic book, just so you know.
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by This_CraZy_World
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by Kayls Fanfiction
CURRENTLY EDITING What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter. Several times. Carter Conners was a magnet...
Lapidot Comics 💚💙 by BagofDoritos
Lapidot Comics 💚💙 by BagofDoritos Fanfiction
Just a bunch of Lapidot comics (WARNING: Some NSFW)
Into You • That '70s Show  by 1975turner
Into You • That '70s Show by 1975turner Fanfiction
Lola Forman was always just Eric's little sister to Steven Hyde Until one day... .she just wasn't. |That 70s Show|
SCINTILLA ⊳ STEVEN YEUN by ˗ˏˋ lily ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
scin•til•la a tiny trace or spark of a specified feeling or quality. synonyms: particle, atom, bit, trace, ounce, shred, crumb, fragment, -- A story in which two cast me...
Steven Universe Lemons by Biggiepaws2004
Steven Universe Lemons by Biggiepaws2004 Fanfiction
So this is basically a lemon for my favorite show ever, Steven Universe. Requests are always open, unless an update of mine says otherwise. Comment any suggestions you h...
Pokemon Boys x Reader Oneshots [REQUESTS OPENNNN~] by LorenaKagamine
Pokemon Boys x Reader Oneshots [RE... by Lorena the Subway Boss Fanfiction
Ahhnnn just what the title sayysss~! heheheh
Lights → Doctor Strange by Lady_Loki_00
Lights → Doctor Strange by | Lou | Fanfiction
"Doctor Strange." "You know my name?" "You were my last hope." After western medicine failed her, Riley Harper started looking for...
rise ➶ captain america [1] by -buterabubbles
rise ➶ captain america [1] by ♡ Fanfiction
❝take my hand, we will stand and together we will rise❞ Where she gives him hope, and where he gives her love. ➶ [ captain america// steve rogers ] [ the first...
Kevin x Jamie (Kevamie) ~Si no te hubiera conocido~ by SayuriMiyasawa
Kevin x Jamie (Kevamie) ~Si no te... by Sayuri-senpai Fanfiction
Es un fanfic inspirado en Kevin y Jamie de la serie Steven universe, obviamente hay yaoi así que si eres fujoshi espero te guste esta historia que escribo para ustedes...
¡Lapiven! - (imágenes) by Elvats
¡Lapiven! - (imágenes) by Jules Random
Imágenes bonitas de Lapiven *-* (Lapis x Steven)
Lapidot pics by pokemon626
Lapidot pics by I’m super gay Random
Random lapidot pics
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated... by Tara Teen Fiction
My breath came in short pants and my heart took off at a staccato pace. I felt my skin warm and my blood tingle and this was all just from seeing him again. At first...
Steven Universe Fan Fusions by LoverOfLapidot
Steven Universe Fan Fusions by LoverOfLapidot Fanfiction
I write mostly fan fusions that include there speculated name, weapon, stability, possibility, and scenario. Note: I Claim No Drawings As My Own.
Garnet X Reader (Completed) by DorkyFlower
Garnet X Reader (Completed) by Dorky Flower Fanfiction
This is a Garnet x Reader. Its mostly kid friendly. Also, you are a 14 year old girl, who is human, half gem. Hope you like! ❤
Steven Universe Oneshots by Cococat811
Steven Universe Oneshots by coco! Fanfiction
Hello and welcome to a book consisting of Steven Universe! The chapters range from headcanons, to short stories, and mostly angst. And ships. Have fun reading! (half of...
Steven Universe (Purple Purpose) AmethystxMaleReader by XiaoShiao
Steven Universe (Purple Purpose) A... by Xiao Shiao Fanfiction
Amethyst discovers that in his spare time, Steven likes to visit (Y/n), Beach City's most well known shut- in resident. Though (Y/n) is aware of Steven being a gem, he i...
Garnet X Reader by PessimisticCat
Garnet X Reader by Bee Fanfiction
* Reader insert * gender neutral *read the story to find out about your exciting life with the gems! **UNDER MAJOR EDITING** **IF I MESS UP PRONOUNS PLEASE CORRECT ME**
Steven Universe Daughter Scenarios by DiamondGirl9999
Steven Universe Daughter Scenarios by Lolite Fanfiction
Ok so I think this is the first one of these ever so yay! Secondly I'm going to give a small description! You are just a orphaned baby human girl. You are alone in the s...